The Hatchet is a melee weapon that appears in The Last of Us. It is a small hand-held axe that belongs to the blade group. It is the last bladed weapon that can be found, just after leaving Ish's abandoned settlement, the Sewers. It is also the second rarest weapon to acquire, after the machete, so it should be used sparingly.


Prior to the outbreak, the hatchet was a camper's tool for cutting wood. Now, the weapon is used by survivors to kill infected and other survivors.  The hatchet is held in one hand and is lightweight enabling the wielder to quickly swing it at enemies. It is more durable than the Machete and Shiv, which makes it the second most durable bladed weapon in the game behind Ellie's Switchblade.


Unlike unmodified blunt weapons, the hatchet is a one hit kill weapon, meaning regardless of the situation, striking an enemy other than a Bloater will result in an instant kill. Its durability is the second highest for any bladed weapon and fourth highest in the game, after the Baseball Bat, Ellie's Switchblade and the Pipe. However, it can also be modified for up to eight strikes before breaking. This means that it becomes the most efficient weapon in the game, as it is a one hit kill, and you can use it eight times. Although the pipe, with fully upgraded has a durability of twelve hits, it has three instant kills and three more possible kills, though they are not instant, making a total of 6 kills. Compared to the machete, the hatchet is much more durable, however its swing and kill speed is slightly slower, making it a bit cumbersome to use. However, since it is still very durable, it is often used more by players rather than the machete. In addition, it is easier to find than the machete.

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