He ain't even hurt is the fifteenth of thirty-eight Cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately four minutes in length. Below is the complete transcription for this cutscene's spoken dialogue.

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Note that the dialogue is copied from the subtitles.

[A pickup truck drives into view. Sitting in the back with Joel. Bill pounds the side of the truck.]

Bill: [To Ellie] Alright, this'll do! Stop!

[Ellie stops the truck and Bills climbs out. Ellie looks back at Joel.]

Joel: Just keep it running, alright? [Ellie gives thumbs up. Joel stands up.]

Bill: That girl nearly got us killed.

Joel: You gotta admit-- [Jumps out.] she did hold her own back there.

Bill: [Walks off chuckling.] You [Faces Joel.] ain't gonna make it. [Continues walking but stops.] Oh, oh, ah... [Bends over and reaches in his bag.] Here. [Tosses a flexible tube.]

Joel: [Catches the tube.] What's this?

Bill: You'd be amazed at how many cars still got gas in 'em.

Joel: Appreciate it. Look, Bill, um... about your buddy back there. Uh... that's a tough deal. And I'm ah... [Pauses.]

Bill: We square?

Joel: We're square.

Bill: Then get the fuck out of my town. [Looks at Joel momentarily and walks off.]

[Joel watches Bill leave then turns back to the pickup truck. Walking over to it, the camera pans to the sky, showing lightning and rumbling thunder in the distance. The scene cuts to a rainy highway with abandoned cars then a view of the street, as the pickup truck speeds past. The scene cuts to inside the truck. A tired Joel drives, briefly rubbing his eyes. He is then startled at the sound of Ellie in the backseat.]

Ellie: Oh, man!

Joel: [Looks through the rear-view mirror.] Hey, what happened to sleeping?

Ellie: [Scoffs. She sits up] Okay, I know it doesn't look like it, [Lifts the comic book.] but this here is not a bad read. Only one problem. Right there. [Points to a page.] 'To be continued!' [Groans.] I hate cliff hangers.

Joel: [Looks over.] Where did you get that?

Ellie: Uhh, [Nervously.] back at Bill's. I mean, all this stuff was just lying there.

Joel: [Sigh.] What else did you get?

Ellie: [Smiles.] Well... [She rummages in her backpack and pulls out a cassette.] Here. This make you all nostalgic?

Joel: Y'know, [Takes the cassette.] That is actually before my time. [Chuckles.] That is a winner though. [Puts the cassette into the truck's player and "I'll Never get out of this world alive" by Hank Williams begins to play.] Oh, man...

Ellie: Well, better than nothing. Oh, [She looks in the backpack.] I'm sure your friend will be missing this tonight. [Pulls out a magazine.]

Joel: [Inattentive.] Um-hum.

Ellie: [Opens the magazine.] Light on the reading, but it's got some interesting photos.

Joel: [Looks through the rear-view mirror, shocked. Briefly turns back.] Now, Ellie. That ain't for kids.

Ellie: [Holds the magazine sideways.] Whoa! [Shows Joel.] How... how the hell would he even walk around with that thing?

Joel: [Tries to grab the magazine.] Get rid of that! Throw it out the window!

Ellie: Hold your horses, I wanna see what all the fuss is about. Oh... why are these all stuck together?

Joel: [Looks in the rear-view mirror.] Um...

Ellie: [Laughs.] I'm just fucking with you. [Lowers the window and tosses out the magazine.] Bye-bye, dude!

[The scene cuts to outside the car, driving down the rainy highway. On the right of the highway, a big street sign says "76 West, Pittsburgh, 242 Miles". The scene cuts back inside of the truck, Ellie climbs into the front passenger seat.]

Ellie: [Looks at Joel.] You know what? [Faces forward.] This isn't that bad. [Turns up music volume.]

Joel: Why don't you try to get some sleep, alright?

Ellie: Pft--I'm not even tired.

[The scene cuts to Ellie sleeping with Joel still driving beside her. It is now daytime and the rain has stopped. The music has changed: now it's "Alone and forsaken" by Hank Williams. Ellie wakes up as Joel begins to slow the truck down.]

Joel: Oh, no, no, no, no. [The camera cuts to outside of the truck slowing down on the highway, showing one of two routes, blocked off by multiple cars.] Well, perfect.

Ellie: [Yawns.] Now what? [Looks at Joel.]

Joel: [Briefly turns to look back, then faces forwards. Pauses.] Screw it.

[The camera cuts to the car driving into the other route then to a series of buildings that Ellie look at from the passenger seat. The scene cuts to Hunter 1 stumbling out into the street, feigning an injury. Joel slams on the brakes.]

Ellie: Easy!

Hunter 1: [Shouts and walks weakly.] Please... help!

Ellie: Holy shit... [Sits up.] Are we gonna help him?

Joel: [Putting his seat belt on.] Put your seat belt on, Ellie.

Hunter 1: [Still stumbling.] Help me...

Ellie: [Puts on her seat belt.] What about the guy?

Joel: Oh, he ain't even hurt. [Steps on gas.]

Hunter 1: [Dropping the ruse, he pulls out a handgun, fires it, and shouts.] Oh, fuck. Go! Go! Go!

[Multiple other Hunters come out of hiding and a bullet hits the windshield. Joel runs into the stranger, launching him over the hood of the truck.]

Ellie: Jesus!

[A Hunter tosses a brick at their windshield from up above and another manages to smash the passenger side window as it drives past. Ellie turns to the side and covers her face. Looking over, Ellie sees a bus prepared to run into the truck. The music on the tape plays throughout]

Ellie: Oh, not good!

[The truck swerves and Joel cries out, managing to crash through the rolled-down gate of a store and collide with a container, forcing the truck to stop. The screen goes black. Glass shatters. The music ceases. End cinematic.]

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