He was my partner is the fourteenth of thirty-eight Cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately two minutes in length. Below is the complete transcription for this cutscene's spoken dialogue.

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Note that the dialogue is copied from the subtitles.

[Bill, Joel, and Ellie make their way over a tall, wooden picket fence with the Infected banging and shouting on the other side. Bill uses a rake to knock down the ladder on the other side.]

Bill: Inside the house now!

[They run into the house. Bill slides the door shut behind him.]

Ellie: Well, that went well. [Joel glares at her. Anxiously.] Okay, uh, I'll ah go... [Points.] check out this side of the house. [Exits the room.]

Joel: Bill?

Bill: Somebody had the same idea. They stole my shit.

Joel: [Angrily.] What the hell is plan B?

Bill: [Irritated.] You ought to be thankful you're still drawing breath! That was Plan A, B, C, all the way to fucking. [Faces Joel.] And furthermore tell Tess that she can take this job--

Joel: [Shouts and points at Bill.] Don't bring Tess into this!

Bill: [Shouts] --she can shove it right up--

Joel: This has nothing to do with--! [Bill stops and stares behind Joel. Joel turns around and notices a hung body.] Jesus. [Looks at Bill and back at the corpse.] What? Do you know this guy or something? [Walks towards the body.]

Bill: [Sombrely.] Frank.

Joel: [Looks at Bill.] Who the hell's Frank?

Bill: He was my partner. [Joel stares at Bill and looks back at the body. Bill takes out his machete.] He's the only idiot that would wear a shirt like that. [Hacks the rope with the machete, causing the body to fall.] He's got bites. Here. And... [Inhales.]

Joel: I reckon he didn't want to turn so he...

Bill: Yeah, I guess not... [Bill realises Joel is watching him. He inhales and recollects himself.] Well fuck him.

[Suddenly, Joel and Bill both turn their heads to the sound of a car engine trying to start up. Both of them run to the sound to see Ellie sitting in the front seat of a pickup truck.]

Ellie: [Looks at Joel and Bill.] Look what I found. It's got some juice in it.

Bill: [Walks to open hood of the car.] That's my battery! [Looks at Joel.] That fuckin' asshole. [Slams the hood shut. To Ellie.] Get out. [Walks closer. With authority] Get. Out.

Ellie: Okay, [Climbs out of the car.] geez.

Bill: [Attempts to start up the car.] Battery's drained but the cells are alive.

Joel: Meaning?

Bill: [Climbs out.] Meaning we push it, get it started and the alternator will recharge the battery. [Walks past.]

Joel: [Looks at Bill.] Is that your guess?

Bill: Look, you wanted a "plan B", this is as good as it gets.

Ellie: [To Joel.] What're you thinking?

Joel: Thinking you drive and we push.

[End cinematic.]


  • According to Troy Baker and Neil Druckman in the game's commentary, Joel and Bill's brief argument in this scene was improvised by Troy and Earl.

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