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Hotel Blacray is a location featured in The Last of Us Part II. It is a hotel that the Seraphites use as an entry point to sneak into the city via suspension bridges connected between the different skyscrapers of the Seattle city skyline. Abby Anderson and Lev descended through the hotel during their search for medical supplies.[1]


Soon after the initial outbreak, a number of Infected broke out of the Lakehill Seattle Hospital and took up residence in the nearby Hotel Blacray. Upon realizing that the hotel had become a "nest", FEDRA sent in soldiers Avery, Seb, Victor, Irina and Mali to destroy the hotel's support columns, which would collapse it from the inside out.[2] However, due to faulty detonators, the attempt was only partially successful: much of the hotel's interior crumbled, but the building itself remained standing, and the soldiers sent into the hotel were killed by Stalkers.[3]

Events of The Last of Us Part II

In the following years, the Seraphites adapted a number of ruined skyscrapers, including the hotel, into a suspension bridge which could let them sneak into the city. As the bridge went through a non-Infected portion of the hotel, the Seraphites could use it in relative safety, although it was not the most popular option for them. Abby and Lev used the bridge in an attempt to reach the hospital. However, Abby's fear of heights caused them to fall into the hotel, forcing the two to traverse the Infected-filled areas to escape. Abby found the remains of Avery's squad while searching for a gas mask for Lev.[1]