Houser is a character who is mentioned in The Last of Us. He is one of the construction workers of Tommy's hydroelectric dam who is mentioned in Chapter 7: Tommy's Dam. He's in a crew with Earl and several other men.


Background & Early lifeEdit

Nothing is known about Houser prior to the cordyceps brain infection pandemic, except for the fact that he may have been a construction worker.

Events of The Last of UsEdit

In The Last of Us, Houser found his way to Jackson county where he encountered Maria and her father at some point, eventually helping to rebuild the hydroelectric dam nearby. He was later promoted, being in charge of at least one group of workers.

Houser worked with Earl and a group of other men. As Houser and his crew were working, Earl was taking a break where he mentioned he was waiting for Houser and "the boys" to relieve him.

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