The Hunting Rifle, often simply referred to as the Rifle, is a weapon in The Last of Us. It is used by Joel, Ellie, and other survivors.[1] It belongs to the long gun group.


Singleplayer Edit

The rifle is first found by Joel after Tess sacrifices herself to buy them time, taking it off a dead Firefly on the second level of the Capitol building.

Ellie briefly uses another hunting rifle to cover Joel when they encounter a group of hunters and again during the Winter chapter when she takes a rifle from David to hold on him in lieu of her bow, and uses it for some time until her capture. The rifle has no scope, but is upgraded with a three shot capacity and power.

The weapon is especially useful against armored foes like ballistic vest-wearing soldiers and fungus-plated Bloaters because of its armor piercing abilities. When fully upgraded, this weapon will always kill with 1 shot (human enemies) to the body, even on armored enemies, and 1 headshot on Clickers. If it is not upgraded, this weapon will not immediately kill an armored human.

Workbench upgrades Edit

The following is a list of upgrades available for the hunting rifle at workbenches, and the parts and level of tools required to upgrade each.




Parts icon
Tool icon
Reload Speed Allows you to reload the weapon faster.




Clip Capacity Lets the weapon hold more rounds before having to reload.




Scope Adds a scope to the weapon.




Armor Piercing Rounds fired by the weapon can go through armor.




Power Rounds fired by the weapon deal more damage.




Factions MPEdit

In Factions MP, the Hunting Rifle is available by default. The default Hunting Rifle costs two loadout points, and comes with a scope equivalent to the fully-upgraded scope in singleplayer. The Hunting Rifle can be suppressed at the cost of two additional loadout points. The player starts out with 5 rounds (or 7 with the starting ammo multiplier booster) and it costs 240 Parts to purchase 3 more rounds. 

The Hunting Rifle is a one shot down to the head, or two to the body. It executes downed enemies in one shot (unless downed enemy has Fortitude 2 skill equipped, then it takes 2 shots to the body or 1 to the head).

When upgraded, the reload speed and starting ammo is increased, as well as decreasing the time it takes to zoom in.

  • Upgrade one costs 300 Parts.
  • Upgrade two costs 600 Parts. (The second upgrade adds a second level of zoom)

The upgraded hunting rifle can change its zoom magnification. When a player is aiming the hunting rifle, the light reflecting off the scope lens can be seen, which can give away the player's position. 

Tactics Edit

While the Hunting Rifle can inflict great damage with a single shot, the reload time is slow; aiming at the body is usually not a good strategy, unless you shoot at the enemy at close range and drain the rest of the foe's health with punches or melee weapons. The Hunting Rifle is perhaps best paired with the Revolver, as one body shot from the Hunting Rifle followed by a shot from the revolver always downs unarmored targets.

Hawk-eyed 2 or 3 can be helpful for a sniper, as marking enemies causes their silhouettes to glow red from behind walls, and aiding in shooting targets through thin cover. This also allows leading headshots from out of cover to be more manageable. Sharpshooter and its variants can be helpful, as the reduced damage wobble can prove crucial for a weapon demanding such precision.

Finally, Fortitude is often useful with the Hunting Rifle, as the very long-range engagements that usually take place with such a weapon usually means that one can crawl away safely if downed. Second Chance also works well if the player is a sniper, since they will likely lack Health Kits due to being in a single position most of the time.

Like the Burst Rifle and Burst Pistol, if a headshot is made on an enemy with less than 50% health, it executes them instantly.

Left BehindEdit

The Hunting Rifle appears in The Last of Us: Left Behind during the chapter "The Enemy of my Enemy". Ellie can find the rifle on an enemy.

Used byEdit


  • When upgrading the scope, Ellie will comment on the upgrade.
  • Oddly enough, after upgrading the magazine size to 2 or more bullets, the gun does not function like a real bolt-action rifle. Instead of pulling back the bolt in between shots, the game allows the player to instead fire off the entire magazine semi-auto before pulling back the bolt and reloading. 
  • Due to a glitch, the rifle's bolt switches sides when you switch shoulders while aiming.
  • In some promotional artworks and in the cover of the game, Ellie is seen wielding a hunting rifle with a scope. However, in game, she is only given a scope-less rifle by Joel and David. Even in the Left Behind DLC, she only wields a scope-less rifle.
  • The Hunting Rifle is modeled after a bolt-action Winchester Model 70, chambered in .30-06.
  • It is somewhat odd how Ellie didn't keep the Hunting Rifle found in the shopping mall (if picked up) during the events of Left Behind, since she kept the Bow. However, this may be a developer's oversight, since Left Behind is a DLC and the developers planned to add the rifle later. Also, there is a glitch where if one dies with the rifle in their inventory during the DLC, sometimes, when they respawn, the rifle will have a three round capacity. It is possible she lost it between events or she never picked it up canonically.


The Last of Us Edit

The Last of Us Part II Edit


  1. Notably, the Hunters and David's group


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