I Believe Him is the thirty-third of thirty-eight cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately two minutes and forty-two seconds long.


Note that the dialogue is copied from the subtitles.

[The scene opens to the sound of blows in a room. Joel is repeatedly striking Cannibal 1, tied to a radiator, in the face with his fists. Cannibal 2 is tied to a chair, facing away from Joel and Cannibal 1. A table is set up next to Cannibal 2, with a small knife on it. A pipe is also on the floor.]

Cannibal 1: What do you want? [Joel hits him.] What the fuck? [Joel hits him again, then stops clutching his torso.]

Joel: You wait here. [he crosses over to a table. He grabs the knife and positions a chair in front of Cannibal 2.] Now... [he sits on the chair.] The girl... is she alive?

Cannibal 2: What girl? I don't know no girl. [Joel stabs Cannibal 2 in the knee.] Fuck!

Joel: Focus right here. [he slaps Cannibal 2's face.] Right here. Or I'll pop your goddamn knee off. The girl.

Cannibal 2: [nodding.] She's alive. She's David's newest pet.

Joel: [With a tender rage.] Where?

[Joel twists the knife in Cannibal 2's knee, causing him to cry out once more.]

Cannibal 2: In the town. In the town.

[Joel forces the knife from Cannibal 2's knee then shoves the hilt into his mouth. He takes out a map of the area, holding it up to the man's face.]

Joel: Now you're gonna mark it on the map. [pointing to Cannibal 1.] And it better be the same exact spot your buddy points too. Mark it.

[Cannibal 2 dabs a spot on the map with the blood on the knife before spitting it out to the floor. Joel puts the map away.]

Cannibal 2: It's right there. You can verify it. Go ask him. Go on. He'll tell ya. [Joel walks behind Cannibal 2.] I ain't lyin'. I ain't lyin'.

[Joel grabs Cannibal 2, putting him in a choke hold, beginning to choke him out. After several seconds, he snaps his neck, killing him. He lets go, allowing the chair to fall backwards onto the floor. Cannibal 1 has been watching the whole scene. He looks up to Joel.]

Cannibal 1: [fidgeting.] Fuck you, man. He told you what you wanted. [Joel picks up the pipe.] I ain't telling you shit.

Joel: That's alright. I believe him.

Cannibal 1: No, wait!

[Joel raises the pipe, smashing it into Cannibal 1's face. The scene cuts to black. It then opens to Ellie asleep in the cage at David's town. James comes in, picking her up. David waits outside.]

James: Wake-y, wake-y. Come on.

Ellie: [Wakes up, resisting.] Let go!

[Seeing James struggling, David jumps in, grabbing Ellie's shoulder.]

Ellie: Stop! [she bites David's hand]

[David winces. He then knees her in the stomach before grabbing and tossing her onto a table with James' help. James holds down Ellie's left arm as David does likewise with her right arm. David then picks up a meat cleaver and raises it.]

David: I warned you.

Ellie: [breathlessly.] I'm infected! I'm infected!

David: [amused.] Really!

Ellie: And so are you. [tugging her right arm.] Right there. Roll up my sleeve. [demanding.] Look at it!

David: [to James.] I'll play along.

[He stabs the cleaver into the table, just away from Ellie's head. He then rolls up her sleeve, seeing her healed bite mark. He looks shocked as James stares at him, visibly shaken.]

Ellie: [to David] What'd you say? Everything happens for a reason right?

[James lets go of Ellie's left arm, shakily pointing at her bite.]

James: What the hell is that?

David: She would've turned by now. It can't be real.

[David lets go of Ellie's arm, focussing on his bitten hand.]

James: Looks pretty fucking really to me!

[Seizing the moment, Ellie grabs the meat cleaver and hacks it into James' neck. She then rolls off the table as David draws his revolver and fires, missing her. Ellie lands on the floor as James collapses, bleeding to death. She runs towards the doorway, pushing a hacked human corpse as she does. David fires again, but misses. Ellie hides next to the doorway. David begins to creep towards the door as James dies. Ellie spies her switchblade on a shelf. She takes it.]

Ellie: Okay.

[Ellie spots an open window. She runs towards it, jumping through. End cinematic.]

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