I need a car is the eleventh of thirty-eight cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately two minutes and twenty-six seconds long in length. Below is the complete transcription for this cutscene's spoken dialogue.

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Note that the dialogue is copied from the subtitles.

[Ellie, Joel, and Bill run into a room and slam the metal door shut. The Clicker on the other side, bangs against the door. Bill eventually seals the door shut.]

Ellie: [Exhausted.] Man...that was close. [Bill approaches Ellie.] Uh... thanks for the heroics and all. [Bill takes off his gas mask and reaches behind his back.] Uh, Ellie. [Ellie reaches out her arm for a handshake. Bill grabs her wrist and quickly handcuffs it.] Hey, what are you- Joel!?

Joel: [Turns around.] Bill?

Ellie: [Is handcuffed to a pipe.] What are you doing?!

Joel: Bill!

Ellie: [Struggling.] Let me go!

Bill: [Pulls out pistol on Joel.] Turn around and get on your knees.

Joel: [Hands up.] Just calm down a second.

Bill: [Yells.] Turn around and get on your knees!

Joel: Alright! [Is kneed in the back of the leg and falls to the floor.]

Bill: Don't test me!

Joel: Just...[winces.] take it easy.

[Ellie forcefully tugs to get free and the weak pipe begin to wiggle.]

Bill: [Searching Joel.] Got any bites?

Joel: No.

Bill: Anything sprouting?

Joel: No, goddammit, I'm clean!

Bill: Well if I see so much as a twitch-

[Ellie successfully loosens the pipe from the wall. As Bill turns to proceed his search on Ellie, she hits him with the pipe.]

Bill: [Falters back.] OW!

Joel: [Catches Ellie's next swing and takes the pipe.] Stop!

Bill: [Painfully] Son-of-a-bitch!

Joel: [Pauses.] You done?!

Bill: [Looks up at Joel.] Am I done...? You come into my house, you set off all my traps, you damn-near break my shootin' arm. [Looks at Ellie.] Who the fuck is this punk and what's she doing here?

Ellie: [Aggressively.] I am none of your goddamn business, and we're here because you owe Joel some favors, [raised cuffed wrist.] and you can start by taking these off!

Bill: [Walking off.] I owe Joel some favors, is this some kind of joke?

Joel: [Drops pipe and walks near Bill.] I'll cut to the chase. I need a car.

Bill: [Sarcastically.] Well it is a joke. [Sharpens blade.] Joel needs a car. Well, if I had one that works - which I sure as hell don't, what makes you think I'd just give it to you? Huh? Yeah, sure Joel, go ahead, take my car [continues sharpening blade.] Take all my food too while you're at it.

Ellie: [Rudely.] By the looks of it you could lose some of that food.

Bill: [Points blade at Ellie.] Listen to me you little shit-

Ellie: [Loudly] No, fuck you! You handcuffed me-

Joel: [Holds Ellie back.] I need you to shut up [Ellie scoffs.] Alright?

Bill: [Sharpening blade.] Whatever favors you think I owe ya, it ain't worth that much.

Joel: Actually, Bill, they are.

Bill: Well it don't matter because I don't have a car that works.

Joel: But there is one in this town.

Bill: Parts. There are parts in this town.

Joel: Meaning that you could fix one up.

Bill: [Exhales and drops blade.] Alright. [Straightens out map.] If I'm gonna do this, there's gear I'm gonna need.

Joel: Alright.

Bill: [Points at map.] It's on the other side of town. Now you help me go gather it. And maybe I could put together something that runs. But after this, [reaches into pocket.] I owe you nothin' [slams keys on the table.]

Joel: That's fine. [Uses keys to remove Ellie's cuff.] Couple days from now, we'll probably be dead anyway.

Bill: Good. [Joel drops cuffs.] Follow me. Whole goddamn town's booby trapped, best stay right on my ass. [Walks off.]

Ellie: Can't miss it...

Joel: Knock it off.

[Joel turns around and pulls Ellie. End cinematic.]

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