I saved you is the twenty-first of thirty-eight Cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately two minutes and fourteen seconds in length. Below is the complete transcript of this cutscene's spoken dialogue.

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Note that the dialogue is copied from the subtitles.

[Joel hops over a barricade and follows Ellie to a broken end of the bridge; a cliff.]

Joel: Oh shit.

Ellie: Oh fuck!

Joel: [Pacing back.] How many bullets do you have left?

Ellie: They're gonna kill us!

Joel: What other choice do we have?

Ellie: [Points over bridge.] We jump.

Joel: No, it's too high and you can't swim. I'll boost you up; you run past 'em.

[The Humvee hits one of the trucks on the bridge, causing one of the cars to fall over the edge.]

Ellie: Oh shit. [To Joel.] You'll keep me afloat.

Joel: [Hesitating.] Ellie.

Ellie: No time to argue.

Joel: Ellie! [Ellie jumps off the bridge.]

Joel: Ah, damn it! [Jumps in after Ellie and screams.]

[Both submerge in the water and the current overpowers Joel and Ellie.]

Ellie: Joel! [Coughs.]

Joel: [Swims towards Ellie.] I got you! [Holds Ellie. Sees incoming rock.] No—no, no, no!

[Joel wraps himself around Ellie and is slammed into a rock. The screen goes black. Cut to Joel regaining consciousness, lying on a sandy beach. Ellie and Sam are standing over him. Henry is a short distance from them, holding his pistol.]

Sam: Henry! He's awake! [Runs to Henry.]

Ellie: Hey, you. We're alive. Okay. [Helps Joel up.]

Henry: [Laughs.] See? What'd I tell you, huh? He's good. Everything's fine. You know, Sam's the one who spotted you. You guy's had taken quite a bit of water, when-- [Joel pushes Henry to the floor, taking his gun.] What the fuck's wrong with you!?

Sam: [Scared.] Henry!

Joel: [Points gun at Sam.] Get back, son!

Henry: [Overlapping.] It's fine--HEY, hey, hey, hey... [Joel points the gun at him.] He's pissed, but he's not going to do anything.

Joel: [Steps closer.] You sure about that?

Sam: [Shouting.] Stop!

Ellie: [Rests hand on Joel's shoulder.] Joel.

Joel: He left us to die out there.

Henry: No. You had a good chance of making it, and you did. But coming back for you [Points to Sam.] meant putting him at risk. [To Sam.] Stay back. [Sam steps back.] If it was the other way around, would you have come back for us? I saved you.

Ellie: He saved me too. [Pauses.] We woulda' drowned.

[Hesitantly, Joel tosses the gun to the ground and walks away. Sam kneels at Henry's side and watches Joel.]

Henry: It's fine though. I'm okay. [Stands up and pauses. To Joel.] Y'know, for what it's worth, I'm really glad we spotted you. [Pauses.] Now that radio tower is on the other side of this cliff. Okay? Place is gonna be full of supplies. You're gonna be really happy you didn't kill me.

[End cinematic.]

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