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Jackson (also referred to as Jackson City[1]) is a town located in Jackson County, Wyoming, and one of the many locations that Joel and Ellie reach during their journey across the United States in The Last of Us and where they reside during The Last of Us Part II.[2][3] Tommy and Maria helped found the town into a thriving community for survivors.[4]


Sometime after Tommy left the Fireflies, he came across a town in Wyoming which was made into a settlement by Maria and her father. Tommy married her and they run the town together, which is powered by a hydroelectric dam. Nature fills the surrounding area--particularly woods, rivers and mountains. Wyoming has several farms and is rich in both vegetation and wildlife. However, the dam is constantly being raided by Bandits.[2]

Events of The Last of Us

Joel and Ellie travel to Jackson County in hopes of seeing Joel's brother Tommy in the town of Jackson. Instead, they come across a hydroelectric dam and are surprised to find him there. Tommy introduces them to his wife Maria and warmly welcomes them to the town. They have families settling in and are a self-sustained town, something Joel and Tommy never thought would be possible again. Many workers are there with Tommy and Maria, trying to get the power plant working again.[4]

Soon after arriving, the townsfolk manage to get a generator working again, bringing power back online to the nearby town. Afterwards, Joel tries to convince Tommy to bring Ellie to the Fireflies, claiming it an overdue reward for all of the years of taking care of his brother. Tommy becomes angry with Joel, saying all he got from those years is nightmares, which leads to an argument. However, they stop when a group of bandits attack the plant. Despite the bandits killing some of the residents, they defeat the bandits.[2]

Seeing Joel's care for Ellie, Tommy agrees to take her to the Fireflies, much to Maria's displeasure. In retaliation for Joel giving her away, Ellie takes a horse and runs off. Joel and Tommy pursue her, encountering enemies on the way. The pair find Ellie at a ranch house where Ellie and Joel have another argument before bandits ambush them again. Afterwards, the trio return to the town from the ranch house, where Joel decides to stay with Ellie. Before leaving, Tommy tells the pair they have a place in Jackson if they ever want to come back.[5]

After the events in Salt Lake City, Joel and Ellie return home to Jackson, driving most of the way until they reach a collapsed section of the road overlooking the town. They walk through the woods to the overlook, and the two stop. Ellie confesses her survivor's guilt to Joel, who consoles her, saying that surviving is a struggle, but they have to keep "finding something to fight for." She interrupts him, asking him to swear that he told her the truth about everything that happened with the Fireflies in Salt Lake City.[6]

Months later, the pair are revealed to have been accepted into Tommy's group, Ellie even getting her own room. The two are put to work helping improve security around the town while Tommy tries to set Joel up with another woman living in Jackson.[7]

Events of The Last of Us Part II

By 2038, Jackson remains a thriving community. However, the infected have migrated into the area in the form of hordes, especially in the winter months. Jackson's patrolmen take to regularly searching various lodges, mansions, hotels and outposts to clear out wandering Infected so horde attacks on their barricaded walls are easier to deal with. Attacks from Hunters have also become commonplace although Tommy indicates they are able to defeat them so long as their patrolmen are nearby or within the settlement. The town is revealed to house several horses, cows and chickens, having a thriving farm and greenhouses. The town is filled with markets, welding shops, pubs and barbecues. The people here live in relative peace, resembling the times before the outbreak, able to have dance parties and family events in the church hall, hosted by Seth. There is even a cemetery to house their dead.[3]

Joel and Ellie integrated well into the community with both Ellie and Joel getting a house each. Joel became a leading patrolman; Jesse felt that many members looked up to him.[3] Ellie also befriended several people, including dating both Cat and Dina. She regularly patrolled with the pair and Joel.[8] However, on March 2nd, Abby Anderson from the Washington Liberation Front group in Seattle brought a group to the Baldwin lodge to capture and kill Joel.[3] She succeeded, leading Ellie, Tommy, Dina and Jesse to chase after her.[9] However, after murdering all of her known close associates, Abby killed Jesse and brutalized Ellie, Tommy, and Dina in retaliation. Nevertheless, despite their injuries, the remaining three managed to return to the Jackson community safely.[10]

By 2039, the community is still thriving, with Dina and Ellie able to live on a farm a few miles from the settlement. Maria also remains the leader, though she has separated from Tommy after his revenge quest left him bitter and crippled.[11]


The Last of Us

The Last of Us Part II


  • No infected are encountered in the area during Joel and Ellie's brief visit in The Last of Us.
  • During the final chapter of The Last of Us, if one looks closely at the town while overlooking it on the hill with Joel, survivors can be seen walking around the town.