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The Jackson County Power Plant[1] is a location in The Last of Us and mentioned in The Last of Us Part II. It is a power plant in Jackson County, Wyoming that produces hydroelectricity from the North Teton Dam to power the nearby town of Jackson.[2]



The Jackson County Power Plant was constructed in Jackson County, Wyoming sometime before the Cordyceps brain infection outbreak. It distributes electricity across 244.05 miles of connected lines in the North Teton region, which includes the nearby town of Jackson and the surrounding area, by producing hydroelectricity from the North Teton Dam.[1] Following the outbreak, Jackson and the power plant slowly became abandoned.

Sometime after 2027 or 2028[3], Tommy Miller settled in Jackson, where Maria and her father had established a small settlement. By 2033, Tommy and Maria—now a married couple—had built a thriving community while managing and operating the power plant and the hydroelectric dam, even employing a full team of workers, including Earl, Houser, Steve, and many others. However, there were many bandits in the area, which resulted in several raids on the plant and the town.[2]

Events of The Last of Us

During the fall of 2033, Joel and Ellie travel to Jackson County, Wyoming in hopes of finding Joel's brother, Tommy. Instead of arriving at the town of Jackson, the two stumble across the North Teton Dam. To their surprise, they find Tommy at the gates warmly welcoming them, and he introduces them to his wife Maria. Tommy tells Joel that they've been working to bring the power plant back to life, as one of the turbines at the dam had broken down, and a team of workers from Jackson were there to repair it.

After taking them on a tour of the plant, Joel has a private conversation with Tommy asking him to take Ellie off of his hands and deliver her to the Fireflies, a request Tommy denies. Soon after, bandits attack the dam. Joel and Tommy, along with the plant workers, successfully defend the plant from the bandits, despite suffering some casualties. They meet up with Ellie and Maria, and Tommy, having second thoughts, talks to Maria about taking Ellie. Maria adamantly refuses, but Tommy insists until she gives in. Ellie, upset with Joel for not telling her what is going on, runs away from the plant on horseback. Joel and Tommy chase after her, as they leave the plant and make their way towards Hidden Pines Corral.[2]

Events of The Last of Us Part II

In March of 2038, Maria was looking for twenty volunteers to help with repairs to the North Teton Dam for the first weekend of April.[4] By 2039, the town of Jackson continues to thrive and use electricity, so the community is still maintaining and operating the power plant.[5][6]

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