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I won't let you take her. This is our future. Think of all the lives we'll save.
―Jerry attempts to dissuade Joel.[1][2]

Gerald "Jerry" Anderson[fn 2] was a minor character in The Last of Us and a minor supporting character in The Last of Us Part II. He was the father of Abby and the lead doctor among the Fireflies who was trying to find a cure for the infection.[3] A recording by him can be found detailing Ellie's immunity in St. Mary's Hospital.[4]


Pre-The Last of Us

Jerry lived in Utah prior to the Cordyceps brain infection, where he received his Bachelors degree of Science in Biology at the Northern Utah Medical University in 2007.[5] After the outbreak, he spent many years among the Fireflies under their leader Marlene attempting to find a cure. At some point, he had a daughter, Abby Anderson, and raised her as member of the Fireflies. Within the group, he also looked after people around Abby's age, such as Manny Alvarez, Owen Moore and Mel, who he began to train as an understudy. Jerry was also an avid coin collector, a trait his daughter soon picked up.[3]

Events of the The Last of Us Part II

Jerry served with the doctors of the Fireflies and still resided at Salt Lake City by 2034, working as the head of the St. Mary's Hospital facility. On April 28th, Jerry was out scouting with his daughter Abby Anderson. He desired to train her how to track animals and wanted to help a pregnant zebra at the local zoo in Salt Lake City. Abby showed him a coin she had found, pleasing Jerry as he could add it to his coin collection.[3]

The pair eventually found the zebra stuck in some wire. Jerry handed Abby wire cutters and held the Zebra in place so she could cut it free. Owen arrived, revealing Marlene wanted Jerry back at the hospital. Jerry ignored him though, telling him to help restrain the zebra. Owen obeyed and Abby successfully cut the zebra free. Jerry then chased after the zebra to make sure she found her new-born was alright. Owen then revealed that the smuggler Marlene had told them about had brought a girl apparently immune to the Cordyceps brain infection. A stunned Jerry returned to the hospital.

Hours later, Jerry was in a meeting with his superior Marlene. To his surprise, Ellie was indeed immune and he believed, as the group's lead surgeon, that he could somehow create a vaccine by extracting the fungus on Ellie's brain, though it would kill her. Marlene protested, begging him to find another way. Jerry admitted he could not see one. Marlene challenged him further, questioning if he could kill his own daughter to create the cure. Jerry responded that finding a cure would make everything he and all the Fireflies, including those who died, worth it. At that point, Abby came in, bringing her father food. Marlene, giving in, gave Jerry permission to start the surgery before storming out, insisting she was going to tell Joel because he had a right to know either way. Jerry, overwhelmed, sat back on the table. Abby comforted him, insisting, if it was indeed her he had to kill, that she would want him to if it meant the group's goal of creating a vaccine could be secured.[3]

Events of The Last of Us

Jerry recorded himself before the surgery, recounting how he has tried several times on other infected patients but that Ellie would be his first breakthrough and that humanity finally had a chance again.[4]

However, having forced his way through the hospital, Joel entered the room to prevent the surgery. Though Jerry attempted to stop Joel by threatening him with a scalpel, trying to make the man understanding how vital Ellie is, Joel killed him (much to the distress of another doctor, Kari) and fled the hospital with Ellie.[1][fn 3]

Soon after, the bodies of Jerry and Marlene were found by the surviving Fireflies. Jerry was mourned by Owen, Manny, and Abby, the latter of which cried for his death and promised to get revenge by killing Joel.[3]

Dr. Anderson's death, alongside Marlene's, led the remaining Fireflies to conclude that creating a cure was now impossible, and the group soon disbanded.[5] Abby would eventually avenge Jerry's death, alongside the death of the Fireflies' cause, four years later when she and her group (Owen, Mel, Manny, Nora, Jordan, Leah and Nick) finally found Joel in Jackson and killed him after spending a while torturing him.[2]

Personality and traits

Jerry was a compassionate man and caring father. He had a great love of nature, an easygoing demeanor, and fully supported the Fireflies' cause.

Aside from his leadership, Jerry was a skilled doctor: based on an account from Mel, Jerry was the only person who could have developed a cure for the Cordyceps infection. Despite his love for nature, he was rather poor at gardening.[3]


Abby: "Well, I mean, I found you."
Jerry: "Yeah, but you cheated."
Abby: ""You do what you need to do to get it done""
Jerry: "Wow. You actually listen."

Marlene: "You're okay with killing her?"
Jerry: "No, I'm okay with developing a vaccine that'll help save millions of lives. How many Fireflies have died for less?"
Marlene: "That was their choice."

Jerry: "Everything that we've been fighting for, all the sacrifices, all the horrific… All of that is justified with this one act."

Jerry: "I won't let you take her. This is our future, think of all the lives we'll save."



  1. Jerry was briefly depicted in The Last of Us: One Night Live, though was portrayed by Annie Wersching, who originally portrayed Tess, not the original motion capture actor due to them being unable to appear.
  2. Jerry's actual name is Gerald, as seen on a certificate in his office at St. Mary's Hospital when Ellie goes there.
  3. Jerry's death was initially different to the final product; in an alternate ending, they were supposed to be held hostage by Joel in a cinematic cutscene as Marlene tried to dissuade Joel. Joel soon killed Marlene and proceeded to kill him as well, the player not participating but merely watching the scene play out.