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Jesse is a character who appears in The Last of Us Part II. He lives in Jackson County along with Ellie and Dina.

Biography Edit

Background and early life Edit

At some point prior to 2033, Jesse moved to Jackson under the settlement leadership of Tommy and Maria. He also began dating Dina, another survivor who lived within the settlement. They later broke up for unknown reasons.

2034 - 2038 Edit

After Ellie and Joel found safe haven within Jackson, Jesse became friends with Ellie. He also broke up with Dina at some point.

Events of The Last of Us Part II Edit

At an unknown celebration in the settlement, Jesse grew jealous when he saw his now ex-girlfriend Dina dance with another boy from the group. He approached Ellie at the bar, telling her how her "old man" had berated him earlier that day for slacking while leading his group on patrol and how he grows more involved whenever Ellie is scheduled to patrol with them. Ellie dismissed him, soon being pulled to the dance floor by Dina, leaving Jesse to watch the pair dance.

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