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Jimmy is a character mentioned in The Last of Us Part II.[1]



Jimmy was a citizen living within the Seattle quarantine zone after the Cordyceps brain infection outbreak and lived with Viv and Fran's neighbor. Before the apocalypse, he once stole a magazine from Fran's shop when he was thirteen. She was also the first person he revealed he was gay to.[2]

After the Washington Liberation Front defeated FEDRA and the United States military, Jimmy joined the Seraphites. He regularly carried one of their prayer books on his person.

At some point, Jimmy and Viv were struggling to survive in the zone. In desperation, Jimmy stole jewelry, identification and ration cards from their neighbors, Raul and Heather. Raul told Viv he knew it was Jimmy who stole all his and Heather's belongings but offered to help the pair rather than report them, even giving them food to supply them until the WLF provided more food for them.[3]

However, before that could happen, the WLF learned about Jimmy's thievery. They sent a squad of soldiers to raid his house and forced him out into the street, assaulting him and ordering he confess to his crimes. Raul and Heather came to his defense, saying it was all a misunderstanding. The WLF soldiers calmed down but then noticed the Seraphite prayer book in his pocket. The soldiers knocked him to the ground and prepared to execute him. Raul and Heather begged the soldiers not to, but they did not listen.[4] The execution was public, with the entire street watching them shoot Jimmy. Jimmy's last words were the Seraphites' chant to their prophet: "May the current be calm. May she guide me home."[2]

Events of The Last of Us Part II

Ellie and Dina can find notes mentioning Jimmy when searching Seattle.[1]