Joe Warren was a Firefly that became the Bloater that can be found in the dorm room of the University of Eastern Colorado along with several Clickers. He is the only named Bloater in the game.

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Joe Warren was one of the Fireflies stationed at the University of Eastern Colorado. While it is unknown when exactly they took up residence there, the second outbreak must have occurred many years before the events of the game, since Warren had the time to turn into a Bloater. Given his advanced state of infection, it is entirely possible that he was one of the first to be infected there.

Events of The Last of Us Edit

Some time after the second outbreak, Joe's infected form was encountered in the dorms by Joel as he searched the UEC for the Fireflies. He was either avoided or killed by Joel.

Trivia Edit

  • Joe Warren is the name of a real-life person who won the The Last of Us Firefly Pendant Contest, where he got his name on a pendant in the game.
  • If Joel spares Warren, he charges at Joel when he pushes open the barricaded doors. Once through, Joel briefly watches Warren bang on the doors, but then he disappears.
  • He is the only Infected to drop a collectible.
  • After encountering Warren, Ellie will ask Joel if the Infected he encountered in the dorms were Fireflies, to which Joel will reply "I don't think so." even if he retrieves Joe's pendant, revealing him as a Firefly.

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