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Jordan was a minor antagonist in The Last of Us Part II. He was a member of the Washington Liberation Front.[1]


Background and early life

Not much is known about Jordan's early life, only that he joined the Fireflies at some point, befriending Abby Anderson, Owen Moore, Nora Harris, Manny Alvarez, Mel, Leah and Nick. He also became romantically involved with Leah. After Joel Miller killed Jerry Anderson and the group's leader Marlene, Jordan joined the WLF with his friends in Seattle, Washington.[2]

Events of The Last of Us Part II

Jordan aided Abby in her quest for revenge against Joel. He helped Nick restrain Tommy Miller so that Nora could knock him out, then left the room to stand guard outside.

Sometime later, as Abby neared finishing the task of beating Joel to death, Ellie snuck into the house, avoiding Jordan and the other guards. She made her way downstairs, opened a door, and then froze, shocked at the sight of the bloody and beaten Joel. Jordan suddenly appeared and attacked her, but Ellie pushed him off and slashed his cheek with her switchblade. Nick and Nora then pinned her down. Angered, Jordan began to repeatedly kick Ellie in the stomach, but Manny pulled him off. Leah checked Jordan's face, which was bleeding profusely. After Abby killed Joel, Jordan moved to execute Ellie but Owen stopped him, leading Jordan to point his gun at him and causing Owen to accuse Jordan of failing in his sentry duty. Abby shouted for the pair to stop fighting. Jordan settled for knocking Ellie out, and then returned to Seattle with his friends.[1]

A few weeks later, Jordan was in the WLF's dining hall at SoundView Stadium when Abby walked by him. He called her over and discussed what the pair were doing that day, revealing he had been assigned to platoon leader Mike's squad to check the local school for supplies. Abby mentioned that such meant Leah would be dismissed from the TV station early, which cheered Jordan up. Leah had sent him a letter expressing her wishes to see him soon, along with an explicit photo of herself for him to enjoy in her absence.

A few hours later, Jordan found Nick's dead body tied to a chair at the Serevena Hotel. When he returned to the school, he found Ellie there, having been captured by Mike's squad. Jordan tried to interrogate Ellie, but she only mocked his scar and told him that he could not stop her in her quest for revenge. Mike, wanting Ellie dead as soon as possible, told Jordan that their leader Isaac Dixon had told him to execute Ellie, as she was a trespasser. Jordan objected, and argued that they should question Ellie first to learn if others from Jackson had come to attack the WLF. Mike pushed Jordan aside and attempted to shoot Ellie, but he was shot instead by Dina, who was watching the conversation through the glass roof. Jordan drew his pistol and shot the glass, causing Dina to fall to the floor, stunning her. He then holstered his pistol and approached Dina, and began to choke her. Ellie used a shard of the glass roof to break free from her binding, grabbed her switchblade and rushed Jordan, jumping on him and stabbing him in the neck twice, killing him. Ellie then took Leah's letter to Jordan and fled the school with Dina.[3]

Personality and traits

Jordan was short-tempered, quick to assault others, like Ellie,[1] and argue, even with his superiors, notably Mike and Owen. He was willing to use torture, or at least the threat of torture, during interrogations. However, Jordan was also patient, wanting to keep Ellie alive to learn their enemies' whereabouts despite Mike's protests.[3]

With his friends, Jordan was good-natured and friendly, displaying a softer side with his lover Leah.[2]