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The KMAB 13 News Station is a location featured in The Last of Us Part II that was used as an outpost by the Washington Liberation Front (WLF). Ellie and Dina visited the station during their hunt for Abby Anderson in Seattle.[1]


Prior to the outbreak, KMAB 13 served as a TV station in Seattle, located near the Capitol Hill district. By 2038, the WLF had converted it into a command post. Seraphites attacked the station in April that year, killing every WLF member stationed there, including Leah. Before their deaths, they radioed a distress call to the WLF base at the SoundView Stadium[2]

Ellie and Dina arrived at the station following the Seraphite attack and searched Leah's room for information on Abby's whereabouts. However, the WLF support arrived shortly thereafter, forcing them to flee.[1]