No! You fucking animal!
— Kari's response to Joel killing one of the surgeons.

Kari was a character who appeared in The Last of Us. She was a surgeon who was about to perform surgery on Ellie before being interrupted by Joel in their lab.

Biography Edit

Background & Early life Edit

Little is know about Kari's early life or if she was even born before the cordyceps brain infection pandemic, except that she at some point joined the Fireflies and was capable of assisting with surgical procedures.

Events of The Last of Us Edit

Kari is a surgeon and doctor for the Fireflies who resides at Salt Lake City in St. Mary's Hospital. She was ordered to perform surgery on Ellie to find a cure of the infection. When Joel comes into the room to save Ellie, after the doctor is killed, she screams "You fucking animal!," at Joel, before being told to shut up by the other remaining surgeon. Joel has the option to kill or spare her. If the latter, she will cower on the floor as he leaves, crying out that she does not wish to die.

Trivia Edit

  • Kari and Joe Warren are the only named characters whose deaths are player-determined.
  • Kari is the only non-infected female that can be killed during gameplay in the entire singleplayer game.

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