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Kent is a character mentioned in The Last of Us Part II.[1]



Kent was a citizen living within the Seattle quarantine zone after the Cordyceps brain infection outbreak.

At some point, he joined the Washington Liberation Front and served with Vicky in their fight against the Seraphites. He personally did not agree with Isaac Dixon's desires to push deep into Seraphite territory, instead wishing to retake ground that was once the WLF's.

Around April, 2038, Kent was stationed at the marina to patrol the coast in his trawler. He took it a little ways towards the island but took shots from a Seraphite sniper. Fearing he would flounder from the violent waves and incoming water, he retreated by the marina. He then wrote a note for Vicky, who was due to switch out with him, advising her to watch out for Scar snipers in the area. He also hoped to get reassigned somewhere different, not wishing to be near the Scar's home territory.[2]

Events of The Last of Us Part II

Abby Anderson can find Kent's note while moving through the marina with Yara.[1]