Kyle is a character mentioned in The Last of Us in the Suburbs chapter.


Background & Early LifeEdit

Kyle is noted to have been living in the suburbs of Pittsburgh during the initial outbreak of the CBI. Not much is known about Kyle before his initial encounter with Ish. He lived with his wife Susan and children during the raids committed by desperate fellow survivors.

Kyle was approached by Ish shortly after almost being attacked by looters. They traded supplies, the man soon leaving. However, it wasn't long before Ish returned, Kyle thinking it was because he trusted him due to having children, offering to take them to his hideout in the sewers. Although skeptical, Kyle soon agreed as it seemed better than facing raiders. [1]

Kyle and his family thrived with Ish, soon asking more people to join them. They grew to nearly fifty residents and had a school, several beds, and even showers. [2]

The paradise didn't last forever despite everything Ish, Kyle and Danny did. Infected managed to gain entry and flooded in. Kyle managed to secure himself and several children's safety but was trapped while doing so. To prevent them all from suffering a fate worse than death, Kyle killed them all and then committed suicide. Shortly before killing himself, he scrawled a message on the floor for any survivors who managed to find them: "They didn't suffer". [3]

Events of The Last of Us Edit

Joel, after entering the sewers with Ellie, Henry, and Sam can find what is left of Kyle's' community along with Kyle's corpse. Upon seeing the message Kyle left, Joel solemnly remarks "Jesus." Joel can also find Kyle's note about meeting Ish, remarking it "wasn't a good idea" to go with him.