ladder is used to climb up to higher areas in The Last of Us. If the ladder is higher than the ledge it is placed on, the player can pick it up again and carry it to a different location, similar to a Plank. There are also fixed ladders, ones that the player can't move but can interact with in some way.


Here are the locations of all of the ladders:

  • The Quarantine Zone: Once the player exits through the secret passage, a ladder will be next to a car.
  • The Outskirts: Underground inside a store. It is already in position but is guarded by a Clicker that must be killed or distracted.
  • Capitol: In the subway station, after getting Ellie on the platform, she will drop a ladder for Joel.
  • Bill's Town: Joel and Ellie climb down a set of ladders when nearing one of Bill's traps. After giving Ellie a boost onto a bus, she will drop a ladder for Bill and Joel.
  • Pittsburgh: In the hotel, after Joel gets out of the basement. There is also one shortly after where Joel gives Ellie a boost to pull it down for them to climb.
  • The Suburbs: Joel boosts Sam up to reach a set so they can escape Infected. The group later jump down a set of ladders only to be met by a sniper.
  • Lakeside Resort: Once David gives Ellie a boost, there will be a ladder on the walkway. Once David has it, he will put it on the ledge next to him.
  • Bus Depot: There are two locations. The first one is on a fire truck; Joel drops it for Ellie. The second one is on a wall, after giving Ellie a boost. A section of the ladder will break, and Joel uses it as a plank.