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The Lakehill Seattle Hospital is a location featured in the The Last of Us Part II.[1][2] It is a hospital partially occupied by the Washington Liberation Front after previously being abandoned for an extended period of time by the Federal Disaster Response Agency sometime after the initial outbreak.[3]



Lakehill Seattle Hospital was referred to as Seattle's "Ground Zero" during the initial stages of the outbreak.[2] Many patients were housed in the lower levels of the hospital before most knew about the severity of the Cordyceps brain infection, including Don Carter.[4] As a result, the bottom floors were sealed off after the medical staff and military personnel were attacked and overwhelmed by infected individuals.[5]

The hospital was placed into lockdown and FEDRA soldiers moved in to the area, intent on clearing out the lower floors to secure vital research on the CBI within the basement's laboratory. Some medical staff and uninfected patients were still alive and took refuge in the hospital's chapel. However, these staff members did not trust the FEDRA soldiers, believing the soldiers were prioritizing securing the research rather than evacuating the staff and patients. The FEDRA soldiers made repeated attempts to clear the basement, but each time came back with less soldiers alive than before. Despite some hospital staff contemplating staying with the soldiers for protection and in the hope their friends trapped with the infected could be saved, some like Scott and two others plotted to flee from the basement of their own accord.[6] Eventually, FEDRA failed to clear the basement, with the remaining people either fleeing or dying in a final skirmish.[5]

As the years passed, the infected patients in one ward were crammed in so tightly that they eventually fused together and formed a massive fungal super-organism referred to only as the "rat king".[2]

At some point, Simon Vickers infiltrated the hospital to steal medicine for his pregnant wife, Paige. He succeeded, but Seraphites killed him before he could deliver it to Paige.[7]

Events of The Last of Us Part II

Ellie and Abby Anderson both visited the hospital, unknowingly within hours of each other, on Day 2. Abby arrived first, searching for medical supplies to treat Yara's injury. She was initially taken into custody by the WLF for going AWOL, but was later freed by Nora Harris. Since the WLF was clearing out the hospital in order to prepare for an assault on the Seraphites, Nora told Abby the basement was the only place that might have the supplies she needed. Upon reaching the basement, Abby fought off several stalkers and clickers before finding a medical kit inside an ambulance. Her excitement was short-lived, however, when she was caught by the rat king. Following an intense battle, Abby managed to kill the rat king and flee the hospital.[2]

Following Abby's escape, Ellie arrived at the hospital in search of Nora. Hoping to gain information on Abby's whereabouts, Ellie infiltrated the hospital and crawled through an air duct, overhearing Nora arguing with WLF soldiers. She eventually cornered Nora, who taunted her over Joel Miller's death before running off. A chase ensued, and Ellie caught up with Nora again in a crumbling hallway, before WLF soldiers surrounded them. With no other option, Ellie pulled Nora over the edge of the floor, dropping them both into the basement. The sounds of the crash alerted several clickers in the room, who attacked the soldiers, while a now-infected Nora slipped away. Eventually, Ellie cornered Nora a final time, getting her to reveal Abby's location before killing her.[1]