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"Lakeside Resort" is the ninth chapter of The Last of Us.


The Hunt

It is Winter, and Ellie kills a rabbit with an arrow. She then spots a deer and hunts it down, hitting it with the bow a couple times before tracking its blood trail. It collapses near a barn on the outskirts of an abandoned coal mine. As she approaches it, two strangers appear, David and James. They offer to trade with her for the meat, and she says that if they have medicine, they can have the whole deer. David asks her to come with them, but she refuses and sends James to get penicillin while Ellie holds David at gunpoint. They go inside a large warehouse to avoid the cold, as a large number of infected start to surround them. They hold their position for a while but are forced to run away, only to get cornered again. After they dispatch them, she sits down with David as he tells how a bunch of his men were killed a few weeks back by "a crazy man", a man who was traveling with a little girl. Alarmed, she gets up and points the rifle at him as James arrives. David orders him to stand down and give her the medicine, and Ellie runs away back to an abandoned house, where Joel is unconscious and feverish. She gives him the medicine and lays down next to him.

The next morning, Ellie wakes up hearing the bandits outside. She mounts Callus and rides off in order to get their attention, but they kill the horse, forcing her to hide in an abandoned resort. She makes her way to an inn, and as she tries to leave, David shows up behind her and chokes her until she passes out.

Joel wakes up, and as he goes outside to look for her, a group of remaining bandits starts to shoot him. He deals with them, and manage to capture two. He then proceeds to torture them for Ellie's whereabouts, and when one of them gives in, Joel kills them.

Cabin Resort

Ellie wakes up in a cage; she sees James cuts off a corpse's limbs for his group to eat. David comes in, and says that he doesn't want to kill her — he only wishes for her to join them. Now realizing his true intentions, she refuses to cooperate, breaking his finger to make a grab for his keys. Later, he and James hold her down on the table to kill her for food, and she tells them she's infected. Taking advantage of their distraction, she grabs David's knife, kills James, and runs out into a snowstorm.

Armed with only her switchblade, she goes to an abandoned restaurant while David tracks her. Holding the keys to her freedom, Ellie must sneak and catch David by surprise — while the building starts to catch fire and burn. After stabbing him several times, he panics and grabs her by her hair, slamming her into the ground. They both fall unconscious. Ellie wakes up first, and crawls to get his discarded machete. As she gets close, he rushes over to kick her, taunting that she should just give up. When she struggles to move, he hits her again, pinning her down and nearly strangling her. She blindly grasps for the hilt of the machete, and slashes his arm. Caught unexpectedly, he screams and rolls off her. She repeatedly hacks at his face in a rage, until Joel arrives and pulls her off.

Holding a crying Ellie in his arms, Joel consoles her and leads her away.



"Lakeside Resort" contains the following eleven Artifacts

Artifact name Location
No Pun Intended Automatically acquired when playing as Ellie.
No Pun Intended: Volume Too Automatically acquired when playing as Ellie.
To Get To The Other Side! Automatically acquired when playing as Ellie.
Riley's Pendant* Automatically acquired when playing as Ellie.
Sam's Robot* Automatically acquired when playing as Ellie.
Walkman* Automatically acquired when playing as Ellie.
Note from Mom Automatically acquired when playing as Ellie.
Switchblade Automatically acquired when playing as Ellie.
Joel & Sarah Photo* Automatically acquired when playing as Ellie.
Ellie's Backpack Found automatically when Joel reaches the butcher room.
Meat Ledger On the shelf to the right of Ellie's Backpack.

Firefly pendants

There are also two Firefly Pendants:

Firefly pendant Serial number Location
Travis Kristof 000283 On a table in the room that the Clicker emerges from once David boosts Ellie up in search of the ladder while they are fleeing the Infected.
Paul D. Braun 000153 On a bench in the band stand to the left of the exit from the first cabin that Ellie passes through after Callus is killed.

Training manuals

Players can also find a single Training Manual:

Training manual Location
Smoke: Shaping Behind a shiv door that is reached by going through the motel opposite Joel once you are playing as him again and he appears in the snow next to a sign.


There are even two Comics to acquire:

Comic Location
Uncertainty In a desk drawer in a room to the left of the one that Ellie tracks the deer through.
Negentropy On a bench overlooking the lake on a picnic area, to the rear and left of the exit to the first pipe Ellie crawls through after following the "Nature Trail" sign.


  • When fighting off the Infected in the beginning room, David can glitch outside the room. If he is fighting an Infected near a wall, and another comes in, David appears outside. The player has to restart the encounter, since David cannot move the locker or open the door.
  • The woman who David talks to about Ellie and her infection runs into a building afterwards, but a rare glitch causes her to be unable to enter, which causes her to run around near the door. Ellie can walk through her, and cannot shoot her.
  • Sometimes, Ellie's model disappears and her flashlight is all that remains when she crawls for the machete after waking up in the burning building.
  • If Ellie picks up a shotgun from one of the Cannibals and carries both the shotgun and the Hunting Rifle on her back, the two guns will appeared overlapped into a single gun. This is due mainly to her smaller stature compared to Joel.
  • The comic found in the damaged building while Ellie pursues the animal sometimes does not spawn.
  • There are two visual errors in the restaurant boss battle: David's broken right finger is no longer in a splint and perfectly normal. Also, the holster for David's machete does not appear until they wake up after the fight, the machete simply appearing idly on his back before this. Also, his splint appears to be back by then.
  • Another error occurs in the cutscene where Joel finds Ellie right after the battle. As Joel grabs her, the player can clearly hear the machete falling to the floor. However, as they leave, the machete is sticking up.
  • Ellie and David may teleport many times during the boss battle depending on where David is when the player stabs him. The most notable is when near the area just outside the kitchen, they both teleport inside the kitchen, to then teleport by the booths for the sequence where Ellie crawls towards the machete
  • After stabbing David for the first time in his boss battle, his AI will sometimes revert to an ally and will continuously say "Lord forgive them." and not attack Ellie. The reason for this is unknown and will be fixed after stabbing him again.[citation needed]
  • In the winter chapter when fighting off Infected with David, if the player enables photo mode and set hide characters to hide enemies David will disappear. Similarly if one enables 'hide buddies', David will remain visible.
  • On a similar note, if one was to place a Nail Bomb on the ground, and David was to walk past it, the bomb would explode as the game would consider David an enemy, even during the sections where he is an ally.
  • If one runs to the door that David ambushes Ellie in, and attempts to open it, it will cause Ellie to move back, and the surrounding area will begin to burn, and the scripted dialogue plays out, but David appears outside, sometimes, his machete and revolver will float near the window, and they/he will fire at Ellie if she nears it. Once one restarts from the checkpoint, she will have kept her revolver along with her switchblade instead of David confiscating the prior. Ellie can shoot David, but it won't damage him in any way, although he will bleed and the cross-hair registers the hit.
  • When David goes to slash Ellie's back, sometimes David puts his machete on his back then glitches, slashing her with a invisible machete.


  • When escaping from David, the player will be able to enter a store. On one of the store shelves, one can see an Easter egg of a PlayStation 3 and two DualShock controllers.
  • During the cinematic, I Believe Him, David shoots with his left hand, but in the game-play, David shoots with his right hand.
  • In the pet store Ellie enters after escaping from David, dialogue can be heard near the front doors in which David tells a woman that Ellie has escaped and is infected. The woman responds that she will hide with the children, revealing that David may have been telling Ellie the truth when he claimed that their community was made up of families.
  • It's implied that David is possibly a hebephile, and was going to rape Ellie right before she kills him. David's voice actor Nolan North confirms this in this interview with IGN.
  • This is the only chapter that has a non-infected boss battle, when Ellie fights David.
  • There is a stereo in the house where Ellie is taking care of the injured Joel, near the entrance: it is exactly the same model of the one that can be seen in Sarah's room at the very beginning of the game.
  • Children in the cannibal community were original going to be included in this level, but Naughty Dog removed the idea from the full game, leaving a single child model.[1]
  • When David ask for help moving the locker, the player can choose not to help. David will move it on his own, albeit slower. Additionally, the Qicktime event where the Clicker attacks Ellie will not occur.
  • Ellie's brutal hacking of David is similar to Joel's beating of Henry. Both:
    • Have one of the two beating someone heavily.
    • Have the other stop them, uttering the same lines; "[Name], stop!".
    • Joel admits to trying to kill Henry, Ellie successfully doing just that to David.