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Liberty Gardens was a mall in Boston as seen in The Last of Us: American Dreams and the Left Behind DLC


The Liberty Gardens Mall is a large two-leveled shopping center. The mall has many shops, large concourses, skylights, planted trees, a food court, arcade, and a carousel. 

Notable attractions that Ellie and Riley interact with include a display of two SUVs, a photo booth, the arcade and a Halloween store, but other attractions vary from a movie theater, a luxury clothing store and an electronics store.


Like with the rest of Boston. the Liberty Gardens Mall looks to have been extensively looted and subsequently abandoned for the next twenty years and the military academy lightly uses the area, considering the tiny outpost established there. The mall has suffered from natural decay, climate and nature over the past twenty years. Given the lack of intact windows, a large quantity of flora has festered around the mall, enabling trees to thrive in the muggy and wet environment.

Power still functions inside the mall but is rather limited given the prolonged disuse. Aside from television screens, the machines in Raja's Arcade, the photo booth and the carousel, barely any interior mall lights can be seen functioning and the exterior lights are said to not work at all.  


Ellie and Riley visited the area to have fun, having not seen each other in over a month. While there, they found what remained of their friend Winston Asher's camp, explored the Spooky Town store, and also played a video game at Raja's Arcade. However, after turning the power on, the noise attracted several Infected, whom the pair encountered, leading to their subsequent infection.