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Lincoln High School is a high school located in Lincoln and is a location Joel and Ellie visit with Bill while journeying across the United States of America in The Last of Us. Frank also visited the school.[1]



Before the Cordyceps brain infection pandemic, Lincoln High School was a typical high school in America. After the outbreak occurred in September 2013, the school was officially closed by October 4. The United States military then brought people to the school to protect them and prepare to transfer them to the nearby Boston and Hartford quarantine zones by October 17. The school's buses were used to assist in the transportation of several civilian groups.[2]

After the civilians were evacuated, the military abandoned the town and allowed infected to nest in the area, leading to several runners, clickers and even a bloater occupying the school.[1]

Bill and Frank still lived within the town and kept watch over the school, monitoring the rising infected presence, which the former used to ensure hostile survivors were deterred from venturing into the town.[3]

Events of The Last of Us

Around 2033, the military grew desperate to locate supplies for civilians living in Boston. As such, they took a truck and tried to reach the school to retrieve supplies within it. However, a horde of infected attacked the truck, causing it to crash through the school, the infected killing any soldiers that survived.[1]

A short time later, Frank ran away from Bill and made his way to the school, stealing the battery from the truck so he could power a car with it and flee Lincoln. He made it to a nearby house and used the battery to fix a pickup truck. However, he was bitten by a runner. Knowing he would die, he committed suicide in the house, leaving the truck in the garage.[4]

By the summer, Joel and Ellie arrived in the town and asked Bill to lead them to the school so they could retrieve the truck's battery, unaware of Frank's plans for it. They planned to use it to power a truck that Bill could repair so they could travel to Jackson.

However, upon reaching the school and finding the truck, they found the battery no longer inside it. With no choice, the trio fought through the infected within the school, making it to the gymnasium. The bloater present in the school was here, and the trio had to fight against it and several runners, eventually managing to kill it. They then fled the school, finding the house where Frank had lived and secured the working truck he had left behind.[1]

Known inhabitants

  • Amy Sinclair, member of the cheerleading squad[1][5] (formerly)
  • Andres, student[5] (formerly)
  • Arnaldo, student[5] (formerly)
  • Chase, student[5] (formerly)
  • Mr. Craghead, homeroom teacher of room 204[5] (formerly)
  • Mrs. Hayden, homeroom teacher of room 205[5] (formerly)
  • JFlow, student[5] (formerly)
  • Jorge, student[5] (formerly)
  • Jose, student[5] (formerly)
  • Kevin, student[5] (formerly)
  • La Vonce, student[5] (formerly)
  • Mr. Meador, homeroom teacher of room 103[5] (formerly)
  • Ms. Neonakis, homeroom teacher of room 203[5] (formerly)
  • Mr. Odella, teacher and detention supervisor[5] (formerly)
  • Pat, student[5] (formerly)
  • Paul, student[5] (formerly)
  • Ramon, student[5] (formerly)
  • Mr. Reece, principal[5] (formerly)
  • Spencer, student[5] (formerly)
  • Ms. Topal, homeroom teacher of room 106[5] (formerly)
  • Trevor, student[5] (formerly)
  • Vivian, student[5] (formerly)
  • Mr. Weaver, homeroom teacher of room 102[5] (formerly)