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A gentleman never tells.
— Manny talking to Abby Anderson

Emanuel "Manny" Alvarez was a character who appeared in The Last of Us Part II. He was a member of the Washington Liberation Front, a former member of the Fireflies, and a friend of Abby Anderson.


Background and early life

Manny grew up in Mexico and joined the Fireflies at some point. He and Owen survived Joel's rampage through the hospital, and were shocked to discover Jerry Anderson's body. When the Fireflies disbanded after Joel Miller killed Jerry Anderson and fled with Ellie, Manny chose to join the Washington Liberation Front with Abby Anderson, Owen Moore, Nora Harris, Jordan, Mel, Leah and Nick in Seattle. The eight of them were referred to by the rest of the WLF as the "Salt Lake Crew", and were known for their close bond.

While serving with the WLF, he eventually rose to the rank of lieutenant and was made second-in-command of Abby's squad. The WLF's leader, Isaac Dixon, considered Manny and Abby his two best soldiers.

Events of The Last of Us Part II

When Abby received a lead from two former Fireflies that Joel's brother, Tommy Miller, was living in a settlement in Jackson County, Wyoming, Manny agreed to help Abby (alongside the rest of the "Salt Lake crew") find him to get revenge on Joel for robbing the Fireflies of their only hope of a cure.

When Abby brought Joel and Tommy to the lodge Manny and the others were staying at, Manny helped Nick pin Joel against the wall while Mel put a tourniquet on his leg. He then watched as Abby tortured Joel and spat on his corpse once he was killed. He turned to kill Ellie, who had snuck in, but Owen stopped him, believing killing her would make them just as bad as Joel was. Manny resisted but, when Jordan pointed his gun at Owen, saw sense and stood down. Abby then declared their mission was done and they returned to the WLF.[2]

A few weeks later, now working for Isaac again, Manny asked Abby if she could sleep in a different room one night so he could have private sex with a WLF weather scientist. Abby agreed. The next morning, Manny found Abby asleep in the WLF's library and took her down to get breakfast, thanking her for letting him have the room. While Abby went to collect the food, Manny talked with his father, who requested him to get him some medicine to stop his hands shaking. Seeing Abby in the line, Manny walked over and collected their food, using the excuse that the pair were heading to the WLF's FOB to get faster service. Abby questioned why he had three burritos, to which he revealed Mel was coming too despite her being heavily pregnant, wanting the pair to talk after avoiding each other since killing Joel.

While out in the field, Manny drove their truck so Mel and Abby could talk in the back. However, they were attacked by Seraphites, who destroyed the truck, forcing the trio and their dog Alice to make it to the FOB on foot. While traveling there, they were ambushed by more Seraphites but were saved by WLF soldiers from the FOB.

Once at the base, Abby and Manny checked up on Mel in the medical bay, as she had been shot, finding her well. Within the tent, Nora approached then and took them to their morgue. She revealed that a WLF soldier, Danny, had been shot by Owen, leading Isaac to permit his execution. Abby became worried but Manny assured her Owen could take care of himself while hiding out in the city.

The pair then met up with Isaac in the apartment complex. Inside, Manny expressed relief that he no longer had to torture Seraphite prisoners in the building. Isaac took the pair up to his room and expressed gratitude that Abby and Manny killed many Seraphites on their travels, something that was becoming a rarity for the WLF. Isaac revealed the WLF were losing many battles in Seattle, leading him to decide to launch an all out invasion on the Seraphites' island, wishing Manny and Abby to lead the army from the front. However, Abby refused to do so unless she was allowed to find Owen, a request Isaac denied.

That night, Manny helped Abby sneak out from the FOB to find Owen, wishing her luck. While doing so Abby found a love letter in one of Manny's hideouts written by someone whom he slept with. The note amused Abby, but Manny snatched it away by Manny, claiming it was private.[1]

When Isaac found out Abby had escaped, he questioned Manny on her whereabouts but Manny did not reveal anything.

Two days later, Manny and his platoon were sent to the marina to secure the boats for the planned invasion. However, Tommy was there searching for Abby. Recognizing him, Tommy began a shootout with Manny and his platoon, eventually killing all of them but Manny and a runner Manny sent away to request backup. Abby arrived, leading Manny to request her help in killing Tommy. The pair successfully managed to advance up the street and through the parking lot, even killing Infected inside and eventually cornered Tommy at a cruise ship terminal. However, just as Manny was about to sneak into a room Tommy was hiding in, Tommy rushed out the other side and shot Manny through the head, killing him instantly.[3]

Personality and traits

Towards his enemies, Manny was cruel and brutal, as shown by his torture of Seraphites and spitting on Joel's corpse. It is worth noting that Manny's use of brutality was somewhat practical, only wishing to kill Ellie and Tommy to prevent them following them to enact their own revenge.

To his allies, Manny was kind, loyal, and approachable. He viewed his friends from the Fireflies as his family, and did his best to repair the rifts that had formed between them after Jackson. Even in serious situations, he found ways to cheer up those around him and respected authority.

He also cared for his ill father, making an effort to ensure he received the best medical care available. In his free time, he liked to watch anime and drink beer in his barracks. He was also a womanizer, having sexual relationships with several women among the WLF.

Skill and abilities

Having trained under both the Fireflies and WLF, Manny was a proficient marksman and a capable hand-to-hand combatant. Over the years, he successfully killed several Infected and Seraphites while serving in the WLF. He was so capable that the WLF's leader, Isaac, considered him one of his best soldiers. Manny was also a skilled leader, commanding his own platoon and was deemed good enough that Isaac wished for him to co-command the WLF's planned invasion of the Seraphites' island with Abby. Abby also acknowledged his skill in combat, remarking while searching the Infected-filled basement in the Seattle hospital that she wished Manny was with her because of his capabilities in killing Infected.[4]

However, Manny was flawed to an extent, as he was bested in sniper combat by Tommy, unable to get a shot on the man from his position despite all of Tommy's shots successfully pinning Manny down until Abby arrived. Even with Abby's assistance, Tommy was still able to surprise Manny and successfully kill him in the fight.

Beyond his combat skills, Manny was also fluent in both Spanish and English.




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