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Map of Seattle is an artifact that is found during the chapter "Seattle Day 1" in The Last of Us Part II.


The map of Seattle is a tourist map of Seattle, highlighting notable locations. On the reverse is a more detailed map of Seattle's downtown district. Over the three days Ellie is in Seattle, she periodically marks up the map with notes and routes to take through the city.


This artifact can first be found in an office trailer along the highway outside Seattle. On the left side of the highway there is a small construction area including a portable office. In the second cabin of the office is a desk. Search the desk drawers for the map of Seattle.

If the artifact is not collected at this point, it will appear in a drawer in one of the FEDRA checkpoint trailers inside the gate. The map is a story-critical artifact, and the checkpoint gate codes artifact will not appear until the player has collected it.


Welcome to Seattle

Gate code: 1753

School near Capitol Hill

Leah at News Station

Tunnels to Theater

Tommy in Hillcrest

Nora at Hospital

Downtown Seattle

Top Right: WLF?

Bottom Right: Fuck Fedra Gate

Left: No Gas

Aquarium: Abby (circled)



  • Although Ellie drops the map by accident at the Aquarium, afterwards it can still be opened from her backpack while in the Pinnacle Theater. This is most likely a developer oversight. The map is now also soaked in Mel's blood.