Melee upgrade

Upgrading a melee weapon

A melee upgrade is a crafting option that improves the durability of a melee weapon in The Last of Us.


By combining a blade and a binding with certain melee weapons such as a pipebaseball bat or a plank in the crafting menu, the weapon will be upgraded and become more powerful.

Melee upgrades are a one-hit kill, but can only be used once before the blade on the end breaks off.

Locating Training Manuals allows for multiple uses before the upgrade is expended.


In multiplayer, you can obtain a 2x4 that has 4 durability points, and can upgrade it with a blade and binding. Once crafted, the melee item remains with you even if you perish until it is utilized. When modded, it has the one-hit kill ability. It will have one extra hit point, but with the Brawler skill, it will have two hit points. The player can also craft the upgrade in half the time. It will also down an enemy with full health, and kill a downed enemy in one hit.

It is also possible to use a machete, though it is only available from a lock box during "last man standing". Unlike the plank, it doesn't need to be modified to keep it after death but cannot kill in one hit. It can be purchased for 2 load out points and can be modified just like the 2x4. It has three durability points but gains 3 more when upgraded.


  • Melee upgrades were first shown in the 2012 Spike Video Game Awards trailer.
  • In Factions, there is an upgraded baseball bat shown in some pictures although there is no known way to acquire a baseball bat.