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  • Hey there ^_^

    Good job on making the new weapons pages so far. I just need to clarify a key aspect about our image policy, particularly the quality of images added to our wiki.

    While you're adding the licensing well and cropping it appropriately, unfortunately the image's viewing quality suffers because of such. Therefore, the image becomes blurry, making it hard for readers to clearly see what the image is trying to depict in this case, the pickaxe (especially when the frames are in action rather than still). Because it's a video, it's difficult to obtain a bright and clear shot, especially when we only have 8 minutes or so to select from. I would have done the same for the hammer image, but it's clearer there and (admittedly) it's near impossible to get a better shot with what we have available right now.

    I've went ahead and added a less blurred image to act as a stand-in on the page for now - although that too will likely be replaced once the game releases and we can obtain superior screenshots.

    Regardless, you're doing well. Keep up the good work :D

    Side note: Is that really a pickaxe? It's looks like something more akin to a sledgehammer.

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  • Would you please provide citations and sources for the information about the new weapon pages you've created? If they're invalidated sources, the pages will have to be removed. If you have a source for the information, then please cite them. If not, I'll have to delete them. Thank you.

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    • Alright, I've found the sources. But when you create pages that have content yet to be released, please cite the information to verify it's legitimate. 

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