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  • what happen after ellie became bitten?

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    • ^ I agree about Ellie's nightmares are bad as Joel's. As for Riley's death, at first I thought she simply died without turning, like she died in her sleep and Ellie would tried to wake her up but not I think about it, I believe she did killed Riley. It make more sense. Question, Do you think Riley live long enough to find out Ellie is immune? (Everyone can answer the question, btw) :).

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    • No, I think that Riley Turned thinking that she and Ellie were both going to Turn and become Infected.

      It has never been established how functional the host's higher brain functions are after they become Runners. It is quite possible that Riley was a helpless passenger as her body tried to tear Ellie apart under the control of the Cordyceps parasite. It is quite possible that her last sight was Ellie pointing a gun at her and pulling the trigger. It is possible that her last thought was to thank her girlfriend for having the courage to kill her rather than just run and leave her in Hell.

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