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  • I live in Litchfield Park, AZ
  • I was born on July 1
  • I am female
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  • Hey, you probably don't use the last of us wiki anymore. I just thought I'd ask how things are going :)

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    • If you're talking to me, I am doing alright. It's been almost a year since you sent that message. 

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  • So, our discussions have shifted in all sorts of directions, and now and then it can get quite confusing when we switch between Korra and other topics. So I'm going to answer all non-Korra questions of your previous post here (mainly because as soon as the new Korra episode is out, it would be pretty confusing to answer everything in one post). I hope you're fine with that.           So, here we go...

    Well, socialism is basically an economical system in which the the production and distribution of products should be regulated by a community and not by individual companies. Obviously, socialsm has many faults and a purely socialistic country is a pretty bad thing. Basically the two big economical structures are communism and capitalism. History has shown us that the ideals of communism cannot be realized and that it would only turn out to be another opressive government. Basically, I think that it is a common misconception that communism is bad, because communism as it was supposed to be has never existed, and probably will never exist. The problem is that during the 20'th century, nations have been using "communism" in order to hide their opressive governments. So when people talk about communist russia, while it is true that their economical system was based on communist ideals, it is in no way the way it was supposed to be in it's earliest theories. But as I said, these theories cannot be realised.     Also, the so called communism in china, is also basically an oligarchy (a state which is ruled by the few). I mean, china even has a capitalistic economical system, so it's pretty ridiculous that they still call themselves communists. My point is that communism isn't evil... And I think that many people have an irrational fear of communism. Phew, I that was a little longer than expected.

    Anyway, too much capitalism is pretty bad as well...  Because after some time, the economy will be ruled by huge companies who are wielding an incredibe amount of power and would do anything for profit.

    So what to do?     Austria has actually got a quite good system called the social market economy, which is basically a mixture between socialism and capitalism. Though it is leaning more to capitalism. However, the government does to some extent interfere with the economy. Also, the are much more social funds for people who don't have work and so on. Also, studying is almost free, so that's great!  Again, sorry for elaborating so much, you don't actually have to answer this...

    Yeah, I think that Austria is a quite good counry. I definetily don't want to spend m entire life here though... It's great that it is so central.   And it's pretty easy to travel to other countries. For example, frome where I live, I wouldn't have to drive more than an hour to get to Italy. Austria's landscape basically consists of forests and mountains and so on. It's also great that I always have the possibility to get to the ocean. What about you, what do/don't you like about arizona?

    Well, Austria has existed for around 900 years, so our history is quite a bit longer than the american one. Besides, event though Austria is a tiny a country, it used to be much bigger, because it has lost most of it's size after WW1.                                            One thing about Austrian's that is pretty bad is that some of the really old people are quite racist and bigoted. As you may know, Austria was the first country to "join" germany before WWII, and many Austrian's actually wanted that. So Austria was the victim as well as the purpotrater. My point is that some old people still have that mindset, which is really terrible. But anyway, those people are not very many and are generally ignored.    What do you like about american culture?

    Well, in Austria every male has to go to the military for 6 months or do a civil service for 9 months. So, i have to start the military thing in Janary (you have to act very fast if you want a good cicil service spot, but I basically overslept it...). So hat's the thing that I would change, because it is outdated and stupid.

    Other than that, I don't feel like there are any rights that I don't have. 

    One thing that I always hear about the USA that actually shocks me is that it's so easy to get a gun. I don't know if you heard about it, but Anita Sarkeesian (hope I didn't spell it wrong) had to cancel a speech after she recieved death threats (someone was basically saying that if the speech happened, the would start a massacre). After that, Sarkeesian asked to have metal detection aat her speech so that no guns could be taken there. However, being in Utah, the Universtity in which the speech should have been refuses to check people for their guns becasue "it is a law that everyone witha conceiled permit can carry a gun anwhere he wants". So Sarkeesian had to cancel her speech. So I would strongy disagree with these laws.

    How do you feel about this and the 2'nd amendment in general?

    I generally try to avoid sites like interpals. Just because there are some really weird people on the internet and I want to do my best to avoid them. Yeah, women in general hae o a with a lot of sexism on the internet... And I really can't stand it when someone tries to concince another person of his beliefs, especially when it comes to religion.     To be perfectly honest, I think that I may actually be a little too critical of religion in general.                             I know it's weird to ask people about their beliefs, but I just think that it is an incredibly interesting topic.

    Personally, I'm basically an Atheist. I'm not going to flat out say that there is no god, but I believe that the propability of there not being a god is much, much higher than the propability of there bein one. So, sorry for asking this, but what do you believe in?         (just so you know, I really don't want to convince you of my beliefs, I am just interested to see what your's are)

    While it would be a pretty good twist if Morgan had the cure, I somehow can't see TWD ending in such a good way...    Throughout the show, everything has been grim and depressing, and it would simpl seem unreal if suddenly, all their problems were solved. Don't get me wrong, I would want that to happen, but I don't think it will...

    Yeah, I agree that they probably started eating people out of neccesity, which, by the way, is not really a valid excuse.                   It's sad to see that even though there are people who want to do good, they end up getting exploited and abused. And yeah, it is also sad to see that the people at Terminus ended up getting just as bad as the people who they once feared and hated.

    And thanks for explaining Carol's quote :)   I was a little confused about what she actually meant when she said that. But what ou said makes perfect sense.

    I am just wondering about how many people ended up joining terminus. Because, you know... who likes to eat human?               You said that they may eat people to "cleanse the world of bad people", but I am not too sure about that, because aren't the bad people the one's who end up joining them and have no problem with eating human... but you already brought that up.

    I am really not sure what their motivesare, I guess we'll just have to wait for the next couple of episodes.

    Anyway, sorry for the long non-Korra related post. I just knew that I would probably end up writing a quite long Korra post for the new episode and didn't want to mix it with everything else.

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    • Oh okay. I have an idea of what cultural studies is, lol. I love biology and science, so that’s what I’m studying. Well just because a university is private doesn’t mean a student can’t get in, it’s just more expensive and may have higher entrance requirements, but that’s what makes them some of the best universities in the world. Our country is too big and we let too many people come here and we’re trying to support a growing population to where we’re falling more and more into debt. Education should always cost something in my opinion but it should not be as expensive as it is. Professors and institutions have to make money somehow and that should come from the students, but it’s way too expensive. We’re not a small enough nation that the government can just pay for education for everyone or rely entirely on donations. And budget cuts are the true culprit for tuition increases. We’re just very far in debt because we’re such a big nation, funding too many things.

      Sorry! Once again I got confused. Yes, my nationality is American; my ethnicity is mainly English, Irish, and Italian.

      I did Google Lake Plitvice! It’s beautiful! J

      What kind of seasons do we have in Arizona? Hot. Hot is what it is. Lol. It never gets below 65 degrees. And the summers can get up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

      I want to see all the forests and national parks in Oregon J and the beaches and go hiking and mountain climbing. That would be fun! What do you want to see in America?

      No I don’t want to stay in Arizona forever. Allergies started affecting me about 3 years ago and they’ve been really bad recently because Arizona had the most rain it has ever received in the history of the state (it happened in August I think) and ever since that big storm my allergies have skyrocketed. I actually called in sick to work because my allergies gave me a splitting headache when I woke up. I was prescribed an antibiotic and to just continue taking my allergy pills.

      Yeah I knew Andrew Lincoln (actor of Rick) is actually English. He does a southern accent REALLY well! Lol.

      Yeah Californians are weird. They find it “cool” and almost like a social status if you’ve been in movies and on TV and stuff.  I’m just saying that when Arnold WAS married, that his wife influenced his career a lot and helped him get to where he was as far as being a politician.

      Well a lot of Americans ARE overweight but I would argue and say we’re an incredibly intelligent nation. If anything we’re very creative and innovative. I don’t understand why people would say we’re “stupid” when we have a HUGE influence on the world.

      I just felt like apologizing because it seems like a lot of Americans bully others on the internet and are the most ignorant of other nations because they’re incredibly prideful.

      Well like I said most places won’t allow you to bring in a firearm. I can’t remember the last time a story was heard on the news of a man pulling out a firearm in a bar and shooting up the place. But I get your point. I mean yeah it happens at schools and theatres and stuff, but these mentally deranged young people would have killed people with a different weapon if it wasn’t a gun. People still make bombs and stuff. So taking away guns wouldn’t have prevented theatre/school shootings – I think they still would have found a way to do it.

      What if the old man knocked the pepper-spray out of my hand and was raping me and I had no way of getting out of the situation? Pulling out the gun and shooting him in the shoulder or leg would get him off of me in time to run to safety. I don’t know. I know that’s an exaggerated situation.. But in my country we have a lot of crime so the probability of these things happening are quite high. 1 in 5 women in the US have been sexually assaulted and every 2 minutes a woman is sexually assaulted. While I understand that it’s important to avoid scary situations (like walking through down town Phoenix alone) I think you should always have protection on you no matter what. It doesn’t have to be a gun, it could be pepper-spray or a knife. Because bad guys always have a weapon – whether it be a gun, knife, etc. And I don’t want to be without a weapon. I don’t think guns should be carried necessarily on your body at all times. But like in your car or in your house, to me, isn’t a big deal.

      NO! The American politics comment was NOT sarcasm! It seems like you know a lot about American politics and that’s cool! I wasn’t trying to be sarcastic at all I promise. If anything, I’m impressed! I’m always impressed when people from other countries know a lot about American politics/history. It was a compliment, I promise. No, I am open-minded to other people’s opinions, lol. I am not “one of those people” so I am sorry if I came off that way. 

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    • The private universities being more expensvive is my point, the problem is that many people who would have definetily be smart enough to study at a private university can't do it, because it's simply too expensive. The system Austria has seems to work in other countries like Norway or Germany as well. I don't think that it would be entirely impossible for the US to have a similar system. Obviously, the US is much larger than Austria or any other european country. But the bigger the population is, the more taxes the government will get.    Anyway, it is obviously not nearly as simply as that, but that would be my opinion.

      Ok, so you have english, irish and italian ancestors?

      Hmm, I'm not entirely sure how much 115 degrees fahrenheit is...   We have celcius.        Anyway, I just looked it up, and wow, that's pretty hot.

      What would I like to see in the US?    Well, of course some of the big cities like New York or LA (I do realize that these are on opposite sides of the US, it was just an example). Also, I'd love to see the grand canyon, and some of the national parks.

      Wow, that allergy sounds pretty intense...  I hope that you'll be able to move somewhere where your allergies don't affect you as much.

      Yeah, I realize that Arnold's political career was mainly thanks to his connection with the kennedys.

      Well, a countries influence in the world doesn't neccessarily reflect the intellegence of it's population. But I guess the reason why so people have these prejudices is because, as you said, some (not many), americans seem to be ignorant of other countries. It's just that these bullying people get noticed because they are the one's who "scream" the loudest.

      Well, it seems like there are many more mass shootings ine the US than in most other countirs (and I'm also taking the size of the country into consideration).              You said that these mentally deranged people would have killed people with different weapons. I wouldn't assume that they would just be able to build a bomb, it's not that easy. If it were that easy, the there would be more bombings. So I wouldn't assume that the theatre shooting in aurora for example, would have happened even if the killer didn't have access to guns. And if they would attack people with other weapons, the at leat they wouldn't be able to kill nearly as many peopleas with firearms. Also, killing with guns is "easier" for some people than killing with other weapons (excluding explosives). Killing someone with a gun would be so impersonal, and that's also why it's so dangerous.

      Apart from that, most of the guns used by mexican drug cartels come from the US, simply because it is much easier to get guns there...

      I do think that, as you said, you described an exaggerated situation. Besides, if you felt threatend, or over estimated the danger of the situation, it could be that you would panic and end up killing someone, even though the situation wasn't as dangerous as you thought. And pepper spray is quite effective, you don't have to be very close to a person to hit them with it.

      I am seriously not trying to downplay the propability of rapes. By the way, I saw a statistic that said that two out of three sexual assaults are commited by people who the victim knows, now that's scary!    So technically, one third of sexual assaults are commited by strangers (either in a dangerous, or who knows, maybe at a party or a club), and two thirds are commited by people the victim knows (!) (that could basically hapen anywhere if the victim socializes with the wrong kind of people).

      Anyway, imagine if you would be harassed by someone, then you would pull out a gun. There are basically two possibilities, either the guy (I assume it would be a guy since statistacilly, it's much more likely) runs away, or (if he has a gun) he would try to shoot you before you shoot him...       And about having a knife, I actually think that pepper spray would be more effective than a knife.

      Oh, thanks! Yeah, european countries are more exposed to american politics than americans are to european politics. Not many, take an interest in american politics, but it's not hard to get informed once you show a little bit of interest. Anyway, it' great talking to somebody who was a very different opinion than I do :)

      And you didn't come off like "one of those people", it' just that you can never be too careful when you talk about these things. So I really didn't think that you were like that :)

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  • Hi, haven't seen any of your comments on this forum for a while...

    Anyway, i just remembered you talking about the legend of korra, which I stated watching not too long ago.

    Just wanted to mention that I really like the show :)

    Anyway, what do you think about the third season up until now?

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    • Hey, I'm not sure if the two of you are still reading this, but I just found out that the $'th season of Korra will premier on October 3'rd!!!  :)

      It's great news, but I'm not sure how this makes me feel...    I just didn't expect it to end that fast.   But I'm still very glad that we will be seing it so soon :)

      What about you?

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    • I found this out too! Thank you for telling me! I can't believe Season 4 is starting so soon! Yea it seems like they're rushing it!

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  • Hi Kimberly, I hope you don't mind but I'm going to add you on PSN. You mentioned it on your wall, so I figured I'd take the liberty and add you. I hope to see you in chat.

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  • Hi Winterlotus90,

    I was wondering if you'd like to play together some time?

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    • I hate to butt in, but here's the list of contributors that are interested in multiplayer.

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    • Rezider wrote:
      I don't know many people that own a PS3 and those that I do know don't have the game (or most of the games that I have for that matter) so it's hard for me to find people to play with and actually communicate via skype or something else (I don't have a headset for the PS3). 

      The only thing I could think of is coming to The Last of Us wikia and find people that are willing to play so yes, I have asked other people as well.


      Don't worry that much about someone asking you to play with them. I know what most girls think in situations like that (I've got 3 girl friends that are hardcore gamers... trust me my girlfriend is one of those girl gamers and she gets hit on by everybody while we play something together). Just let it slip by and if you think that someone is actually a sex hungry predator then blow him off quick and don't pay attention.

      Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression it wasn't my intention.

      No no no! Of course not :P I promise. I've played multiplayer and people don't know I'm female anyway, lol. Not that it's a big deal, I'd ignore comments anyway, but thanks :)

      My psn is winterlotus90 if you want to add me or.. however that works lol

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  • hey, i just read your comment about The Walking Dead.

    I have recently started the 4'th season and now, there's a new episode coming out on Monday.

    Anyway, i just wanted to ask you:  At what episode are you?

    How do you like the show?

    And who is your favourit character?

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    • I have seen all the episodes, lol. 

      I love the show! :) 

      My favorite character is Rick :)

      What about you? 

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    • My favourite character is also Rick :)

      In the first two seasons i really didn't like Carl... but i think that he is ok since the third season. I also really like Daryl and Herschel (is that how you write his name?

      What was the saddest moment in your opinion?

      For me, it was after Lori died (not when she died), when Rick finds out that she is dead. That was really great acting in that scene :)

      One more question. What did you think of the two episode with the governor?

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  • Hey Just wanted to say sorry for getting mad at you about the whole GTA V thread thing, I really enjoy the GTA series, that why I was really defending it. but anyway, Im sorry, I should have really thought about what I was doing before I jumped into insulting/verbally abusing someone for not liking something.

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  • It'd take me ages to type up the complete reasoning around why I dislike Cage but I'll give some.

    David Cage has a massive ego and considers himself to be a master at story telling, he also claims to have made numerous genres in gaming when they've been there just...less common.

    His ignorance with storytelling is poor, yes I'm talking about you Indigo Prophecy as it makes no sense, you're playing as a "murderer" and detectives investigating the murder, sounds neat right? Not really, the issue is you can mess with the investigation, there's one scene where you have to re-create Lucas' ("murderers") image which you can purposely mess with and the game doesn't seem to care. There's also the point from where it goes from finding out why Lucas did the murder to the point of where you become practically Neo and have to fight off two clans who want to control the world.

    While a large amount of people liked Heavy Rain, I didn't. The story was pretty lame and easily predictable, and there's even Cage's ignorance of American culture, while I myself am not American I know a good amount. For example, one of the main characters, Norman Jayden is an FBI agent called in on the Origami case, there's his partner Carter Blake, he's...a very BAD cop, he's quick to use brutality and isn't exactly stable, seeing as Jayden's an FBI agent he could order Blake off the case and the force would have no choice but to comply.

    There's also the large twist of who the Origami Killer is, it's like David Cage at one point just got bored and went "screw it, it's this guy" but it causes some major plot holes in the story. I'll throw a little hint, it's one of the main characters.

    There's also some nature of sexism, I'll start off with Indigo Prophecy, one of the detectives Carla Valenti eventually even though she's meant to investigate Lucas she eventually falls for him and they eventually have intercourse in a very short time frame, kinda implying he thinks women actually do that.

    There's also some hints in Heavy Rain, seeing as when you're introduced to Madison (another main character) she's attacked by "thieves" which turn out to be thanks to her insomnia, no matter what she "dies" in her dream and is wearing some pretty revealing clothing at that point, there's also a point where if the player isn't quick enough she's forced to strip until she's only wearing her thong.

    That's some of the reasons why I dislike David Cage, he sees himself as a genius but when you pay attention to some of the things he does, he's a pretty big moron if you ask me.

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    • None taken, I was doing a google search which linked me to this thread, and I just threw in my two cents. I'm not married to the guy lol... Just offering another perspective on it.

      I won't argue with you about the sexism thing, agreeing to disagree. Everyone's entitled to their opinion.

      No rudeness intended, sorry if it came across that way. I was under the impression this was a public thread, and not aware that it was 'dead'.

      I go in peace, and wish you a happy holiday. Take care. :)

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    • Same for you, thanks for understanding.

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  • Copy/pasted from somewhere else:

    "Ellie still cares about Joel a lot, but she knows now she can't trust him anymore. Throughout the whole journey Ellie wants to be treated as an equal by Joel. She wants Joel to trust her, and she wants to be able to trust Joel, but by the end when Joel lies to her, she sees it as Joel thinking she can't handle the truth and doesn't trust her with it. She wanted her life to mean something and that choice was taken away from her by someone she cared for, and more importantly, someone she trusted.

    As the article says, Ellie clings to parental figures because she thinks she needs to. First it was Marlene, than it was Joel. Both of them tried, and one succeeded, to take her choice away. When this choice is taken from her, Ellie realizes she must be able to make her own choices and mistakes and she has to stop clinging to parental figures. 

    After thinking about it some more I have a different interpretation of the "Okay." I now see it as a way of Ellie saying to herself, "Okay. This is how it's going to be? You don't trust me to handle the truth? Fine. I'll go with you for now, and I still love you, but I know what I need to do because I can't trust you." Ellie seemed quite angry in that last conversation when she questions Joel.

    And whether or not you think the story needs it (a sequel) depends on how you interpret the ending. The problem here is that people want a happy ending so bad that any interpretation that goes against that is wrong. Honestly, I never could see Joel and Ellie living happily ever after. It always seemed to be letting them off a little bit too easy.

    I'm sure if ND went this route, they do would do it in much more subtle and interesting way. Besides, this is just Neil's interpretation, and he has said many times that there is no correct way to interpret it. Even Ellie's actress has a different interpretation."

    Ultimately, it's a story about the sacrifices parents that parents make for their children. Every sacrifice a parent makes is for their kid, so they can give them the tools that they need to have a future.

    Joel provides this for Ellie, but Ellie doesn't want Joel to make choices for her, she doesn't NEED him to, especially not about her LIFE. She's grown and matured so much over the journey, that even though a part of her might want a father figure, and she still loves Joel, she knows that for her own sake she needs to be independant. 

    I still struggle with the ending and even my own interpretation, so this is will probably change in the future. 


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  • Hey, you were mentioning your opinion on how Ellie feels for Joel.

    And i'd like to hear them if that is no problem.

    As always, I would appreciate it if you could reply :)

    But i won't be able to reply for a few days (I'm going on a school trip to Brussels and Paris)...     So i'll reply to you on Saturday.

    I'm looking forward discussing this with you :)

    Ps: Where did mikey333 go ?

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    • Yes I think they love each other, just not for the same reasons. I meant to say that Joel loves Ellie like a family member (a daughter) whereas Ellie loves Joel like a companion/guardian/friend, but not so much like a father just yet. So they do love each other, but for two very different reasons. 

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    • Ah ok. That makes more sense to me :) Thank you for explaining :)

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    • Maby he love her a little mir like a daughter in the second part (were ellie is 19) but Ellie don't wanna told him because she is shy Ohr something like this.

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