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Michael Kiper is a character who is mentioned in The Last of Us. His Firefly pendant can be found as a collectible in the chapter "The Outskirts". His service number was 000109.



Not much is known about Michael Kiper before the outbreak happened. Sometime after the outbreak, he joined the Fireflies and eventually lost his dog tag or died.



A pendant worn by the members of the Fireflies.


Michael Kiper's Firefly Pendant can be found in the chapter "The Outskirts" during the section "Museum". The pendant is in a display case reached by walking along a thin ledge to the left of the ramp you walk up upon entering the museum (the area where Ellie breaks the vase).


  • Michael Kiper is the name of a real-life person who was one of the winners of the The Last of Us Firefly Pendant Contests, where he got his name on a pendant in the game.[1]


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