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Mike was an antagonist in The Last of Us Part II. He was a member of the Washington Liberation Front.


Background and early life

Little is known about Mike except that he joined the WLF at some point in Seattle and rose through the ranks to the point that he was put in command of a platoon.

Events of The Last of Us Part II

He and Jordan were ordered by the WLF leader, Isaac Dixon, to scavenge all remaining supplies from the local high school in preparation for an upcoming invasion of the Seraphites' remaining territory. Before going, he rendezvoused with his platoon in the WLF's mess hall. While there, he played checkers against one of his squad mates while Jordan saw and talked with Abby.[1]

While surveying the surrounding area, Mike and his squad came across Ellie, Dina and their horse Shimmer, after the latter of which detonated one of the squad's trap mines. Mike ordered his group to capture Dina, who had slipped away, while he personally killed Shimmer with a bullet to the head and then knocked Ellie out.

Some time later, Mike radioed the event to Isaac, who ordered Mike to kill the trespassers. Mike then returned to his office at the school to find Jordan taunting Ellie. He questioned why Jordan was doing so, to which Jordan replied that Ellie was present at Joel's death when he and his friends killed the former smuggler in Jackson. Mike dismissed Jordan's points though, drawing his pistol in preparation to execute Ellie per Isaac's orders. However, Jordan attempted to stop him, suggesting they torture Ellie first to learn if more residents from Jackson had come to launch an attack on the WLF's city. Mike dismissed him though, pushing him aside. However, before he could shoot, he was shot dead by Dina, who had managed to sneak up onto the roof above them.[2]



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