The Military Sniper is a bolt-action or semi-automatic weapon in The Last of Us. It belongs to the long gun group.



Military Sniper

Joel using the military sniper.

In The Suburbs, a Hunter uses a mounted sniper rifle in an attempt to kill Joel, Ellie, Henry, and Sam. It takes between 1-4 shots to kill Joel depending on the difficulty and how much health Joel has before getting hit.. Joel kills the Hunter after making it to the house, using the nearby cars and houses as cover. Joel then uses the rifle to cover Ellie, Sam, and Henry from the oncoming waves of Hunters; a single hit taking out each one. The Hunter's Humvee soon arrives and begins to close in on the trio as Joel shoots to no avail. The Humvee was finally destroyed when Joel managed to snipe the gunner as he was about to throw a Molotov cocktail, immolating the interior and sending the vehicle crashing into a house. The Military Sniper was then abandoned when a large group of Infected, attracted by the noise of the battle, began to swarm the neighborhood.


The military sniper rifle is available to purchase in Factions. To unlock, the player needs to collect 6900 supplies, making it the most expensive purchasable weapon to acquire. It costs three loadout points to equip and requires 400 Parts to purchase, making it the most expensive purchaseables after the Shotgun. When purchased, the player is given four rounds; the price goes up by 80 parts for each purchase thereafter unless the player switches classes. Like other scoped weapons, if the player aims down the scope, the light reflecting off the scope lens can be seen. This can give away the player's position.

While it has the highest damage output out of all guns, in practice it requires the same amount of bullets to down as the hunting rifle and El Diablo: one headshot or two body shots. However, it holds a couple of key advantages over either weapon. The scope can be zoomed in further than the hunting rifle and El Diablo, ensuring one can hit their target over almost any distance. A headshot from it instantly executes unarmored enemies and even some armored targets if their health is low enough; the armor is also destroyed completely making it a great choice for long distance killing as enemies won't be able to revive targets. It has a much faster fire rate than most other guns, as it holds five rounds per magazine and is semi-automatic. Despite its power, recoil is not high, so it can fire accurate shots repeatedly should the need arise.


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  • It is based on the Russian Orsis T-5000, chambered in .338 Lapua
  • The Military Sniper uses a Russian 'SVD Type' scope, characterized by an arrow shaped aiming reticule, a curved range scale and a numbered range finder. It is currently the only weapon to use this reticule.
  • The rifle in the campaign never runs out of ammo.
    • Additionally, it never requires reloading. Joel simply pulls back the bolt after each shot.
  • The Campaign rifle is a bolt-action, while the Factions rifle is semi-automatic.
  • The Military Sniper is similar to the Dragon Rifle from the Uncharted series, in that, both, in the Campaign mode, are an instant down regardless of where the shot does land.
  • In Grounded difficulty, the Military Sniper does 1,000 damage[citation needed] to Joel, significantly higher than the highest possible health of 140. 
  • In Singleplayer, the Military Sniper can't gib enemies, yet in Factions MP, it can blow an enemy player's head off if one scores a headshot.