The Mob Attack Note is an artifact that can be found in Pittsburgh. The note is written in a spiral-bound notebook. The cover of the notebook is blue and features the FEDRA logo in white.


Note: All punctuation and capitalization are typed up as it appears in the game, when you choose to read it in text-form.

Oct 10th

I just watched a mob douse Capt. Mastros and the rest of my team in gasoline and burn them alive. The animals were actually celebrating. Some old fucker complained it was a waste of gasoline.

There were too many of them. All I could do was slip away. But I'll remember all their faces. Gonna hunt each one of them down if I have to. 



  • The Captain Mastros mentioned in this note wrote the Abandon Zone Note, another artifact that is found in this chapter.
  • The notepad that this message is written on is identical to the notepad of the Lost Hill Note. However, despite both notes being written in blue ink, they were not written by the same soldier as the handwriting is different. It is fair to assume that these FEDRA branded notebooks are standard issue.


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