Molotov: Construction

TM Molotovs
Manual cover.

Page image

Manual page.

Chapter Pittsburgh
Section Escape the City
Upgrades Molotov cocktails
Effect Explosion radius is now 1.5x wider
Manual Number 5
Next Manual Bomb: Containment
Previous Manual Melee: Knots

Molotov: Construction is a training manual found in the chapter Pittsburgh.


Obtaining this manual expands the distance covered by a thrown molotov cocktail.


Search the kitchen of the apartment where you first meet Henry and Sam. This manual will be found on the countertop.


  • Despite being on the construction of molotovs, the title of the training manual reads "deployment" when you view the image.
    • This is most likely due to the fact that Molotov cocktails are commonly used in guerrilla warfare.
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