Name's David is the thirtieth of thirty-eight cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately three minutes and twenty-five seconds long.


Note that the dialogue is copied from the subtitles.

[In the snow, Ellie runs towards the dead deer, still impaled with her arrow. She observes it only to turn around and aim her arrow at a tree.]

Ellie: Who's there? Come out!

[Two men come out from behind a tree, David and James. David, carrying a rifle on his back, holds out his hand.]

David: Hello... we just want to talk.

Ellie: Any sudden moves and I put one right between your eyes. [aims arrow at James.] Ditto for buddy-boy over there. [aims back at David.] What do you want?

David: Name's David, this here's my friend, James. We're from a larger group - women, children - we're all very, very hungry.

Ellie: So am I - women and children - all very hungry too.

David: Well, maybe we could, ah, trade you for some of that meat there. What do you need? Weapons, ammo, clothes -

Ellie: Medicine! Do you have any antibiotics?

David: We do. Back at the camp. [approaching Ellie.] You're welcome to follow us-

Ellie: I'm not following you anywhere. [David stops moving.] Buddy-boy can go get it. He comes back with what I need, the deer is all yours. Anyone else shows up-

David: You put one right between my eyes.

Ellie: That's right

[David turns to James.]

David: Two bottle of the penicillin and a syringe. Make it fast. [Ellie points her arrow at James.] Go on.

[Puzzled, James leaves. Ellie points her arrow at David.]

Ellie: I'll take that rifle.

David: Of course.

[David walks up to Ellie, placing the rifle in front of her.]

Ellie: Back up.

[David walks back a few feet. Ellie puts her bow and arrow away then picks up the rifle. She pulls back the bolt to see it is loaded then aims it at David. There is a long pause as David looks around.]

David: He's probably gonna be a while. You ah, mind is we take some shelter from the cold?

Ellie: [gesturing to the deer.] Bring him with us.

[David walks up to the dead deer, grabbing it's antlers and proceeds to drag it towards a small shack. Ellie keeps the rifle trained on him. The scene cuts to David tending a small fire. He is inside the shack, with Ellie sat a few feet away holding the rifle.]

David: There. You know, you really shouldn't be out here all on your own.

Ellie: I don't like company.

David: I see. What's your name?

Ellie: Why?

David: Look, I understand it's not easy to trust a couple of strangers. Whoever's hurt, you clearly care about them. I'm sure it's gonna be just fine.

Ellie: We'll see.

[In the distance, Infected cry out. Ellie and David both stand up, checking the windows. A Clicker runs into the room, stopping at the door as it listens for sound. Ellie steps back, causing the Clicker to roar and race towards her. However, a gun fires, two bullets striking the Clicker down. David, holding a revolver, walks up to the wounded Infected, killing it with a bullet to the head.]

Ellie: You had another gun?

David: Sorry. [he looks out an empty doorway. He then holds his hand out towards Ellie.] Okay. I'd really like my rifle back now.

Ellie: No. You have your pistol.

David: [Returning to the doorway.] I hope you know how to use that thing.

Ellie: I've had some practice.

[End cinematic]

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