Newspaper Clipping is an artifact found in the chapter The University.


Note: All punctuation and capitalization are typed up as it appears in the game, when you choose to read it in text-form.


By Lev Benioff

Field Writer

With the latest WHO report estimating that as much as 60% of the world's population is either dead or infected by the CBI pandemic, the United States Military has released a statement that they're recalling all of their search efforts. Regions up to 10 miles from each quarantine zone's perimeter will remain under patrol for citizens attempting to enter, but no further effort will be made to evacuate those potentially trapped in hard-to-reach areas.

Attorney General Arthur Munroe made this clear in a letter...

[Found this in town. WTF? No one's coming!!!]


  • The journalist's name is a reference to the novel City of Thieves, written by David Benioff, and its protagonist Lev. The developers of The Last of Us have cited the book as a major influence on the game.[1]


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