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Nick was a character who appeared in The Last of Us Part II. He was one of Abby Anderson's friends and went with her to Jackson to kill Joel Miller.[1]


Background and early life

Nothing is known about Nick's early life, other than that he joined up with the Washington Liberation Front (WLF) at one point.[2]

Events of The Last of Us Part II

He was one of seven people to join Abby and pursue Joel Miller to get revenge for the death of her father and countless other Fireflies, ultimately leading to the group's disbandment. He helped Jordan restrain Tommy Miller so that Nora Harris could knock him out. He then dragged Joel against the wall with Manny Alvarez for Mel to tourniquet his leg before Abby tortured him. He later helped Nora hold Ellie down while Abby beat Joel to death.[1]

Following their return to Seattle, Washington, Nick was assigned to defend the Serevena Hotel. At some point, Tommy arrived in the city and began carving a bloody path through infected and WLF alike. Eventually, Tommy reached the Serevena Hotel and killed everyone but Nick and one other soldier. Remembering that Nick was an accomplice to his brother's death, Tommy tied him up and tortured him and his comrade for information using an identical interrogation technique to Joel's at Silver Lake. After getting the gate code for the East 1 sector, Tommy killed Nick and his comrade.

Ellie and Dina eventually reached the Serevena Hotel, which was beginning to swarm with infected that had smelled the fresh bodies that Tommy had left behind. After clearing the area and finding the dead Wolves, Ellie and Dina found Nick and the other soldier's bodies tied to chairs. Ellie recognized Nick and confirmed his death to be Tommy's handiwork. The two saw that the other soldier had written the gate code in blood and used it to enter the East 1 sector.

Mike's WLF patrol, clearing out the local school for supplies, later found the bodies of Nick and the others. Having already captured Ellie, Jordan realized that a group from Jackson had killed Nick, and argued with Mike in favor of keeping her alive for interrogation, rather than following Isaac Dixon's orders to execute her.[2]