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Note from Mom is an artifact obtained in the chapter "Lakeside Resort". It is already in Ellie's backpack at the start of the chapter. It would turn out that Marlene gave Ellie this letter in the fourth issue of The Last of Us: American Dreams.


Note: All punctuation and capitalization are typed up as it appears in the game, when you choose to read it in text-form.


I'm going to share a secret with you, I'm not a big fan of kids and I hate babies. And yet... I'm staring at you and I'm just awestruck.

You're not even a day old and holding you is the most incredible thing I've done in my life - a life that is about to get cut a little short. 

Marlene will look after you. There's no one in this world I trust more than her. When the time comes she'll tell you all about me. Don't give her too much of a hard time. Try not to be as stubborn as me.

I'm not going to lie, this is a pretty messed up world. It won't be easy. The thing you always have to remember is that, 

Side one of the note ends here.

life is worth living! Find your purpose and fight for it.

I see so much strength in you. I know you'll turn out to be the woman you're meant to be.

Forever... your loving mother


Make me proud, Ellie!

Related dialogue

Upon flipping the note to the back side, Ellie will say:

Ellie: I'm trying to make you proud.