We can choose to be happy.
— Owen talking to Abby Anderson

Owen Moore was a supporting character in Abby's story and an antagonist in Ellie's story in The Last of Us Part II. He was a member of the Washington Liberation Front (WLF) and a former member of the Fireflies stationed in Salt Lake City. He dated Abby before dating Mel.


Background and early life

Before joining the Washington Liberation Front, he worked as a Firefly soldier at the Salt Lake City outpost commanded by Dr. Jerry Anderson. In order to stay on the surgeon's good side while he dated his daughter Abby, Owen would apparently act "extra nice" to Jerry and get nervous when he had to give out orders. In his spare time, Owen honed his skills as an artist, even sketching his then-girlfriend Abby and giving the charcoal drawing to her as a gift.

In late April 2034, Owen found Abby and her father Jerry in the woods trying to free a zebra stuck in barbed wire. At Jerry's insistence, Owen helped them reunite the zebra with her newborn foal before bringing Abby and Jerry up to speed on the situation at the Fireflies hospital: the girl Marlene keeps talking about had shown up in the tunnels with a bite mark and no signs of Infection. Incredulous, Jerry led the two teens back to St. Mary's Hospital. A few hours later, Owen and Manny Alvarez discovered Jerry's dead body on the floor of the operating room. When Abby arrives on the scene, Owen tried to stop her from looking at the bloodied body of her father, holding her as she broke down in tears.

After the death of Jerry, the Fireflies disbanded and scattered to other factions. Owen ended up regrouping with Abby, Manny, Mel, Jordan, Nick, Leah and Nora Harris in search of a new group to join, eventually coming upon the Washington Liberation Front in Seattle.

Later after Abby's group of ex-Fireflies joined the WLF in Seattle, Owen discovered the Seattle Waterfront Aquarium, which he claimed as his own during an outing with Abby.


A few weeks later, Owen was back with the others in Seattle. He became distant from his friends, avoiding Abby in the dining hall and purposely avoided seeing Mel at all since returning.

Later, he was on a mission with a WLF soldier named Danny. When faced with an old Seraphite who appeared exhausted and ready to die, Owen showed mercy. Danny ordered Owen to shoot him but he refused, saying he was done with killing Scars. The two got into a scuffle, and Owen ended up shooting Danny and fleeing to hide from the WLF. Danny made it back to the WLF's Forward Operating Base (FOB) and died after telling their leader that Owen shot him.

After hearing this news from Isaac, Abby defied her orders and found Owen hidden away in a small boat outside of the aquarium. Owen explained his encounter with Danny to Abby, and tells her that he's done with the war against the Seraphites. He informed Abby about the "lead" that there are Fireflies regrouping around Santa Barbara, and his plans to leave Seattle to find them. Abby rejected the idea, resulting in a heated argument that turned physical. The fighting stopped however, and the pair had sex.

The next morning, Abby left Owen to help saved two apostate Seraphite teenagers, Lev and Yara, who had helped her escape the Seraphites the previous night. She did so because Yara' arm was shattered by a Seraphite, leaving her vulnerable. While gone, Mel arrived at the aquarium. When Abby returned with the teenagers, Owen held back their dog Alice from attacking Lev. As Mel assessed Yara's shattered arm, she concluded she had to amputate it. Abby offered to retrieve the supplies from the WLF's hospital but Owen remarked she would not make it back in time. He suggested cauterizing the wound but Abby revealed Yara would just die from infection. Lev suggested using the Seraphite bridges high up in skyscrapers to reach the WLF's hospital in only two hours. The Seraphite-controlled area left Owen concerned but Abby moved to go anyway. While trying to unlock the door, Owen stated he wanted to talk about the previous night. Abby showed no interest and left with Lev.

Hours later, when Abby returned with the supplies, she and Owen talked about how Yara and Lev remind them of how they were years ago.

The next day, Owen found Abby and Yara inside the aquariums merchandise section, and jokingly said they were not allowed to take his "stuff". As soon as Yara went to look for an upset Lev, Owen asked Abby if she was going to come along for the journey to Santa Barbara. Abby explained that the conflict with her and Mel was too much to handle, but Owen insisted that they could figure out their love triangle. Their conversation was interrupted when Lev stole a boat to return to the Seraphite island to see his mother. Owen explained that he could only fix the sailboat within a few hours, so Abby and Yara decided to go on their own. Owen tried to leave with Abby, much to Mel's displeasure. Abby ordered Owen to stay put until she retrieved Lev.

When nightfall drew, and Abby hadn't returned, Owen wanted to go after Abby, but Mel disapproved, saying she wouldn't risk her life for Abby. Owen tells Mel to just go back to the WLF if she really felt that way. Their argument was interrupted however, when Ellie, the girl from Jackson, appeared in the room holding the two at gunpoint. Ellie asked about Abby's whereabouts. Mel wanted to know if Ellie would spare them, but Owen said that if they disclosed that information, she would kill them both. Ellie decided to test both of them by having asking them both point to where Abby was located on her map of Seattle. Mel agreed, to which Owen scolded her. Owen approached closer to Ellie, telling her she did not have to do this but Ellie aimed her gun at him told him to stay back. When Ellie asked Mel for Abby's location a second and third time to no avail, Ellie pointed her gun at Mel, which forced Owen to go for Ellie's gun. Ellie punched Owen and then shot him in the chest. Mel tried to attack Ellie but was stabbed by her soon after as well. In his final moments, Owen, struggling to speak because of his wound, informed Ellie that Mel was pregnant. Owen then bled out and died. Ellie then left with Jesse and Tommy.

Later, Abby returned only with Lev as Yara had died. The two entered the aquarium and found the bodies of Alice, Mel and Owen. Abby, in distress, vomited and cried. Lev however found a map their killer left behind, so the two embarked on a mission to find those responsible and avenge Owen and Mel's deaths.

Personality and traits

Owen was a supportive person who cared for his friends. He lacked violent tendencies and still believed there was good in the world; this was especially evident with Abby, who he thought was still a good person despite her hardened nature. Owen was still optimistic that he would find the remaining Fireflies in Santa Barbara, hoping to no longer fight for the WLF's war since he saw it as "pointless."

Even with enemies, like the Seraphites, Owen did not take pleasure in killing them if they chose not to fight back, even sparing one elderly Seraphite and actively abandoning the WLF to avoid participating in the war.

In spite of this, Owen could be reckless. For instance, he jumped on Ellie in order to prevent Mel from revealing Abby's location but failed to tell Ellie about Mel's pregnancy to deescalate the confrontation.

He was also unfaithful towards Mel, and he still harbored romantic feelings for Abby, to the point where the two had an affair.



  • Owen is the only member of Abby's group in the lodge to have shown sympathy for his enemies, which makes him indirectly responsible for the deaths of Abby's group, including himself. He convinced them to spare Ellie and Tommy, who would eventually kill the entire group, with the exception of Abby.


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