The pharmacist was a character in The Last of Us: Left Behind, mentioned in two artifacts which Ellie can find. His corpse is also found by Ellie in a spore-infested store.

Biography Edit

Pre-Left Behind Edit

Before the events of Left Behind, the man worked as a pharamcist in the local chemist at the Colorado Mountain Plaza. He had a partner, whom he took photos in a booth with. She later gave them to him to keep to remember her by at some point.

At some point after the outbreak of the Cordyceps Brain Infection, he became infected and attacked a survivor. The survivor severely wounded him and locked him in a store, later writing a note about the incident. He requested who ever read it try to help the man, leaving the combination for the lock at the bottom. The pharmacist later died from his injuries with the key to his personal storage in the chemist still on him.

Events of Left Behind Edit

Ellie, while searching for a medical kit for Joel, found the note left regarding the stranger's conflict with the pharmacist. She later used the combination to enter the store and retrieved the pharmacist's key and photos of him with his partner.

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