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The Pinnacle Theater is a location featured in The Last of Us Part II. A theater used for live stage performances and movies before the outbreak, it served as a hideout and base of operations for Ellie and Dina during their three days in Seattle.[1]


Located between the Downtown and Capitol Hill districts of Seattle, the Pinnacle Theater was used for live performances, musical acts, and movies prior to the outbreak. In addition to the main performance hall, the theater featured a large lobby with a glamorous chandelier, an upstairs bar and gathering area, and an office. The backstage area contained a large storage area and a dressing room used by performers. There was also a basement used for additional storage, and a small electric room on the roof. Following the outbreak, a small group of soldiers used the theater as a hideout, as evidenced by a tent and mattresses on the second floor, and a corpse in the electric room.[2]

Events of The Last of Us Part II

After narrowly escaping a horde of infected in a subway tunnel, Ellie and Dina came across the Pinnacle Theater near the end of their first day in Seattle. With nightfall approaching, the two decided to take shelter inside. Dina, who had just learned about Ellie's immunity moments before, revealed that she was pregnant. Stunned and upset, Ellie left Dina to rest while she explored the abandoned theater. While searching a storage area, she found a guitar and began to play it, cheering her up as she recalled a prior experience with Joel Miller, before falling asleep.[1]

The next morning, Ellie awoke to sounds of static coming from a radio. She walked upstairs to an office and found Dina using a radio to track the movements of the Washington Liberation Front. As Dina shared intel with Ellie, they overheard a report of a lone male trespasser having killed several WLF soldiers. Thinking it was Tommy Miller, Ellie left the theater to find him.

Later that afternoon, Ellie returned to the theater with Jesse, who had secretly followed them to Seattle. After resting for a short while, Dina informed Ellie she heard on the radio that Nora Harris, one of the WLF members involved in Joel's death, was at the hospital. Acting on the lead, Ellie left, while Jesse and Dina remained at the theater. Ellie returned late that night, visibly shaken from torturing Nora, and revealed she had learned Abby Anderson's hiding spot.[3]

With Dina's health weakening by the third day, Ellie and Jesse set out to find Tommy, agreeing to leave Seattle immediately afterward to seek medical attention for Dina. After rendezvousing with Tommy, the trio made it back to the theater and began planning their return home to Jackson.[4] However, Abby and Lev tracked them down to the theater. They confronted Tommy in the lobby, where Abby knocked him to the ground and held him at gunpoint. Hearing the commotion from inside the theater, Ellie and Jesse rushed to help Tommy, but Abby shot Jesse, killing him. A shocked Ellie confessed to Abby that she knew why Abby killed Joel, while Tommy pleaded with her to run. Tommy attacked Abby, who then shot him in the side of the head, while Ellie used the distraction to flee to the back storage area. Abby chased after her and a brawl ensued, resulting in Abby beating Ellie and Dina in the basement. Lev convinced Abby to let them live. Before leaving the theater, Abby warned Ellie to never cross paths with her again.[5]

Ellie, Dina and Tommy left the theater soon after and returned to Jackson.[6]