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The pipe is a melee weapon in The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II.

The Last of Us

The pipe is a metal piece of plumbing. It is typically used as a weapon by hunters, Fireflies and general survivors. It is very durable — the most durable melee weapon besides Ellie's switchblade. In the hands of the right person, it can be very dangerous.

There are also three upgrades for the pipe. Each upgrade is made using a blade and a binding item. These allow the player to instantly kill an enemy up to three times, depending on the modification, like a bladed weapon.


The pipe can first be found during the "The Outskirts" chapter, when Joel walks on his own to clear the area of infected. It acts as a blunt weapon, with a distinct advantage over fists. It can be rarely found on the ground. The pipe also has longer reach than the fist, and takes about four hits and one execution hit to down an enemy. Since the pipe has nine uses before shattering, it can be used to take down multiple enemies — even potentially nine if the conditions are right.

The pipe and baseball bat compete with each other; the pipe is durable, but the bat swings slightly faster. Most players would choose the pipe, however, as it is simply more durable and does more damage in a tight situation. It can also be modified with a binding item and a blade like other melee weapons, to have up to three instant-kill hits. This allows the pipe to have up to twelve hits before breaking, which is easily the highest durability for any melee weapon besides Ellie's switchblade.

If the player has disoriented an enemy with the pipe, they may score an instant kill by striking them when near a table, chair or any surrounding surface. The player can also charge at an enemy, using the momentum to strike them to the floor.

All finishing moves will instantly kill most enemies besides bloaters.


In Factions MP, the pipe does not spawn in the loot boxes, meaning it cannot be acquired. However, in the loading menu, an image of a character using the pipe against an enemy occasionally appears.

The Last of Us Part II

The pipe is used by Abby Anderson and Ellie in The Last of Us Part II.

Used by


  • Ellie attacks Bill with the pipe he had handcuffed her to. The pipe can later be picked up after the cut scene.[1]
  • The pipe was first shown in the E3 2012 gameplay demo when a survivor attacks Joel with it.[2]
  • Joel is first seen using a pipe as a weapon in the E3 2012 Extended Demo.[3]