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"Pittsburgh" is the fifth chapter of The Last of Us. The player takes control of Joel Miller.



Alone and Forsaken

Alone and Forsaken section.png

Whilst driving to Tommy's, Ellie complains to Joel about a comic called "Savage Starlight". Although it is a good read, the ending is a cliffhanger. Joel asks her where she got it, to which she hesitantly responds, "back at Bill's". Joel asks what else she stole to which she gives him a cassette tape to play on the truck's radio. Joel says that it is before his time in response to Ellie saying it should make him nostalgic. She even reveals she stole a magazine with "some interesting photos". Joel realizes it is a gay pornography magazine, which she shouldn't see. Ellie then discards it quite jokingly.

Joel and Ellie make it to Pittsburgh but the main road to the Fort Duquesne Bridge is blocked by rubble and derelict cars. Joel decides to go through the city rather than back up and detour around. While driving through the city, Joel and Ellie see a person stumble into the middle of the street, begging for help. Ellie wants to stop and help, but Joel sees through the act and tries to speed past. The person, who had feigned his injuries, pulls out a gun and more men come out of hiding. One of them throws a brick at the truck, damaging the windshield. The hunters push a bus into Joel’s truck, causing them to crash into a hardware store where they are forced to confront the hunters. After eliminating the ambush group, the duo passes through their hideout and make their way to a long-abandoned military checkpoint. Along the way, they discover that the military had been overthrown by the citizens who were now the hunters. At the checkpoint, the pair come across another group of hunters and stealthily made their way through the bookstore and into a back alley.

Hotel Lobby

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Joel and Ellie escape the hunters and make their way towards the bridge on the other side of the city. They come to the Hotel Grand and fight their way through until they come to an elevator shaft. As Joel boosts Ellie up, the elevator beneath him falls, and Joel ends up in the basement, leaving Ellie above. Joel finds a way out of the basement, running into a load of stalkers and a bloater (not present on easy mode). He has to start a generator to get a keycard door to function, attracting more infected to him.

After escaping that, Joel tries to get back up to Ellie, but encounters a group of hunters who take down a clicker. After disposing of them, a hunter finds him and almost kills him until Ellie steps in at the last minute and kills him with Joel's gun, which he is struggling to reach. Joel however does not show his gratitude, instead scolding her for not staying where she was, leading to an awkward silence between the pair. They get out of the hotel and head to the Financial District.

Financial District

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Just outside the hotel, Joel spots a hunting rifle and another group of hunters. Joel plans to clear a path while Ellie stays behind in the scaffolding to cover him with the rifle, which he teaches her how to use a few minutes beforehand. Before he leaves, Joel subtly thanks her for saving him from the hunter, reconciling their relationship.

Joel attempts to take out each hunter quickly and quietly but is soon discovered, prompting Ellie to snipe from her scaffolding. After all the hunters are dealt with, Joel gives Ellie a 9mm pistol, insisting that its "for emergencies only" showing his newfound trust in her. The pair makes their way through the financial district though they are spotted by the Humvee and patrolling hunters. The hunter crew immediately begins to give chase to Joel and Ellie. Using the debris and back streets as cover, the pair retreats into a building, seemingly losing the Humvee in the process.

Escape the City

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As Joel enters a room using the outside ledge he is grabbed from behind by a man. Ellie tries to help with her switchblade but is knocked aside. The man notices her and while he is distracted, Joel throws him off and heavily beats him. Ellie shouts out to stop, as they spot a boy pointing a gun at Joel. The man however tells the boy that it is all right, and introduces themselves as Henry and Sam, two brothers and survivors from another group. Henry comments on how hard Joel hit him, Joel confessing he was trying to kill the man. Henry confesses the same; he only stopped attacking when he saw Ellie. He thought Joel was a hunter but "they don't keep kids around." While Ellie thinks that they can help each other escape the city, Joel is not so trusting.

The two pairs come to a mutual alliance and make their way to a hideout the brothers had holed up. Evading the Humvee and taking out more hunters, they reach the hideout, an office overlooking the hunters' guard post to the bridge. Finding out that the pairs are both looking for the Fireflies, Henry tells Joel that his group of survivors had planned to meet up at an abandoned military radio station just outside of Pittsburgh by tomorrow night. Henry explains to him that the guard post to the bridge is protected by a bunch of hunters but is a skeleton crew at night, meaning that's the time to escape. Joel agrees although Henry becomes hostile when Joel questions their motives but calms down upon learning Joel is searching for the Fireflies also. Joel then suggests they rest until nightfall.

That night the four make their way toward the guard post. After stealthily taking out two hunters, Joel and Henry sneak toward the gate, avoiding the hunters' searchlight as the snipers joyfully kill a clicker while Ellie and Sam hang back. To distract them, Joel finds a generator powering the searchlight and turns it off, prompting them to hide as the hunters investigate the problem. Eventually, a fight breaks out, leading Joel and Henry to kill the hunters.

Afterward, the adults open the gate, though not before the Humvee returns and spots them. Locking the gate to buy them some time, the group tries to climb over a truck. Henry, Sam, and Ellie make it on top but the ladder breaks under Ellie's weight, leaving Joel stranded. As the Humvee prepares to bash the gate open, Henry abandons Joel out of fear, followed by a reluctant Sam. Ellie returns to Joel's side as they retreat into a bar to avoid the Humvee gunfire. After taking out the hunters inside, Joel and Ellie run to the bridge, with the Humvee in pursuit. Blocked by the rubble and a large hole on the bridge, Joel prepares to make a last stand against the Humvee, but Ellie bravely jumps into the Allegheny River below, forcing Joel to follow. Joel reaches Ellie before she drowns, but the current slams the pair into a large rock and knocks them out.


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"Pittsburgh" contains the following supplies:

Parts icon.png Parts
Tool icon.png Tools
Level 2
Shiv doors


"Pittsburgh" contains the following twenty-eight collectibles:

Name Type Section Location
Siphon hose Artifact "Alone and Forsaken" Automatically in Joel's backpack at the beginning of the chapter.
Force Carrier Comic "Alone and Forsaken" Automatically in Joel's backpack at the beginning of the chapter.
Tourists manifest Artifact "Alone and Forsaken" On an overturned cart in the garage where the two dead bodies are.
Health: Splinting Training manual "Alone and Forsaken" In the first room on the right after going up the stairs from the garage, on the bottom shelf in front of a mattress.
Ambush map Artifact "Alone and Forsaken" After exiting the stairs in the room with the two dead bodies, there is a hallway. At the end of this hallway, there is a room, the map should be on the wall.
Termination Shock Comic "Alone and Forsaken" Found inside the back of first bus seen after dropping onto the highway.
Lost Hill note Artifact "Alone and Forsaken" After jumping over the bus into the Pittsburgh quarantine zone, in the booth all the way to the left, inside there should be a note.
Traitors flyer Artifact "Alone and Forsaken" On the wall on the side you enter at the end of the long tent.
Kazden Risk Firefly pendant "Alone and Forsaken" Found at the end of alley at the left side of the bookstore.
Abandon zone note Artifact "Alone and Forsaken" On the first floor of the bookstore at the far left end, on top of the desk in the office.
Applicant checklist Artifact "Alone and Forsaken" Ground floor of the bookstore under the stairs on the far left side.
Lost areas map Artifact "Alone and Forsaken" On the second floor, in the room next to the coffee shop of the bookstore; a shiv is needed to open this door.
Mother's letter Artifact "Alone and Forsaken" Before entering into the hotel, there is a door marked with a red X, the door is located right next to the blue truck when entering the area right before the hotel.
Stash Note Artifact "Alone and Forsaken" Found before entering the hotel. on the second floor of the coffee shop where the hunters make the bridge, it is on a counter near the far end.
Note to staff Artifact "Hotel Lobby" After climbing up the ladder, walk to your right; you will need to shimmy across the fallen stairs. After you do, there is a suitcase on the floor all the way at the corner of the hallway.
Shiv: Reinforcement Training manual "Hotel Lobby" Inside the safe located in the hotel lobby, which can be unlocked after finding the note to staff artifact.
Hotel keycard Artifact "Hotel Lobby" This note is found in the apparent security room. You will need this to open the door to leave the basement.
Accretion Comic "Hotel Lobby" On the second floor of the hotel, Joel will be able to shimmy across the collapsed floor. The comic is on a coffee table near the couches.
Colby Reed Firefly pendant "Hotel Lobby" Found inside a women's bathroom in the hotel, in the far left stall on the floor.
Melee: Knots Training manual "Hotel Lobby" Found on a wooden table near some red chairs as you are exiting the hotel.
Fireflies note Artifact "Financial District" Found in the sandwich shop's refrigerator; the shop is located in the corner next to the coffee shop.
Final attack note Artifact "Financial District" After a cutscene where a Humvee guns down two civilians, head up the stairs and kill the two patrolling hunters. The note is found on the floor by a desk chair in the office.
Mob attack note Artifact "Financial District" After the previous note, you come to an area with a bunch of hunters. Head into a nearby building and go to the second floor. The note is found behind a desk in a back room.
Truck note Artifact "Financial District" Found the ration depot right before climbing up the ladder into the area with the military preparatory school.
Molotov: Construction Training manual "Financial District" In the kitchen of the apartment where you first meet Henry and Sam, found on the countertop.
Deep Phase Comic "Financial District" On a floor of the building where you first meet Henry and Sam, locked behind a shiv door while descending down the stairs. The comic can be found in the child's bedroom to the left.
Lucas Rios Firefly pendant "Financial District" After crossing into the second story of a building, go left into a bathroom. The pendant is found on a toilet in the left stall.
Trial note Artifact "Escape the City" After Henry opens the first door before the safehouse, there should be a boardroom directly across; it is on the floor in the corner.


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  • When the player comes across the hotel, in one of the hotel rooms, there will be a newspaper that lies on the ground with a headline stating: "Uncharted 13: A Lush Movie — Justin Bieber as Drake."
  • After meeting Sam and Henry, the player can find a Nathan Drake doll, protagonist of the Uncharted series, on the bed in the child's room. They will also find Jak and Daxter dolls in the same room.
  • In the same building after meeting Sam and Henry, if the player enters the shiv door one can find a Naughty Dog mouse pad in the room with the computer.
  • The player will enter through a toy store shortly after meeting Henry and Sam. On a shelf in the toy store in the far end, the player will find board games of Uncharted and Jak and Daxter on the shelves.
  • A skyscraper in the city has the words "ND Corp" on the side, likely being a reference to Naughty Dog Corporation or the writer of the game Neil Druckmann.
  • Ellie is seen hovering over Sam's robot at the toy store, but will only take it when Joel isn't looking, quickly walking away after. If one does it quickly enough you can see Ellie stand back up after picking up the toy. It will subsequently be found in her backpack and count as a collectible.
  • The moment when Joel is attacked and almost forced onto the jagged piece of glass is similar to Dayna Jurgens' death in The Stand.
  • The song playing on the radio in the truck at the start of the chapter is Hank Williams' "Alone and Forsaken", which was also heard in the trailer of the same name.
  • After the Financial District fight, where you take out the two solo hunters, office desks have readable nameplates. Several are from the "Environment Design Team" per the credits.
  • This marks the first appearance of stalkers.
  • The bar that Joel and Ellie cross through to reach the highway bears a striking resemblance to a bar in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception, solidified by a painting of a duck being present in the exact same space above the bar in both games.
  • When Ellie is supposed to kill hunters with the rifle, it's possible to stealth kill them all and Ellie won't kill any of them. The cutscene, however, will continue the same.
  • It is unknown why Ellie didn't keep the rifle. Even if she didn't have any ammo left for the weapon, she could have kept it in case she needed it in the future. However, it is possible the weapon was broken, as it was obviously in the open for a long time without care.
  • Joel's brutal beating of Henry is similar to Ellie killing David with his machete. Both:
    • Have one of the two beating someone heavily.
    • Have the other stop them, uttering the same lines; "[Name], stop!"
    • Attempt to kill their attacker, but while Joel does not kill Henry, Ellie successfully does just that to David.
  • In the hotel lobby, if Joel hangs about long enough after Ellie points out the upper level, she will wander over to the check-in counter and pretend to be a high-class hotel guest demanding service, much to Joel's bemusement.