Queen Firefly is the third of thirty-eight cinematics shown in The Last of Us. It is approximately three minutes and thirty-four seconds long in length. Below is the complete transcription for this cutscene's spoken dialogue.

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Note that the dialogue is copied from the subtitles.

[Joel and Tess both haul themselves over a window and spot Robert as he tries to fight past a locked gate.]

Tess: Well, hello, Robert.

Robert: [Chuckles nervously and turns around.] Tess. Joel. No hard feelings right?

Tess: [Clicks teeth.] None at all. [Reaches down for a steel pipe.]

Robert: [Briefly puts hands up in defense.] Alright...

[Robert tries to run and Tess bashes his leg with the pipe, causing him to trip and fall to the ground.]

Robert: [Groans in pain.] Goddamn it!

Tess: [Drops pipe.] We missed you.

Robert: Look. Whatever it is you heard, it ain't true okay? I just want to say-

Tess: The guns! You wanna tell us where the guns are?

Robert: [Gulps.] Yeah, sure, but... i-it's complicated, alright?

[Tess looks over at Joel who pushes off from the wall and walks over to Robert.]

Robert: Look, just hear me out on this. I got - [Joel kicks him in the face.] Ah, fuck! [Joel extends Robert's arm and begins to pull it backwards.] Fuck! Stop! Stop! [Joel stops as Robert groans.]

Tess: [Draws handgun.] Quit your squirming. [Kneels beside Robert.] You were saying?

Robert: [Breathing heavily.] I sold 'em...

Tess: Excuse me?

Robert: I didn't have much of a choice, I owed someone.

Tess: You owed us! I'd say you betted the wrong horse.

Robert: I just need more time. Just - Gimme a week!

Tess: You know, I might've done that if you didn't try to fucking kill me. [Robert talks indistinctly] Who has our guns?!

Robert: [Pauses.] I can't...

[Joel and Tess look at one another.]

Robert: Just gimme a couple-

[Joel breaks Robert's arm. Robert screams and rolls on his side in agony.]

Tess: Who. Has. Our guns?

Robert: [Pauses and breathes rapidly.] It's the Fireflies. I owed the Fireflies!

Tess: What?

Robert: Look. They're basically all dead. We could just... go in there... finish them off! We get the guns! What do ya say? [Joel and Tess look at each other and stand over Robert.] Come on! Fuck those Fireflies! Let's go get 'em!

Tess: [Pauses.] That is a stupid idea.

[Tess shoots Robert twice in the face, killing him.]

Joel: [Inhales sharply.] Well, now what?

Tess: We go get our merchandise back.

Joel: [Disbelief.] How?

Tess: I don't know! We... explain it to them. Look, let's... go find a Firefly.

Marlene: You won't have to look very far.

[Tess and Joel are startled and look to see where the voice is coming from. Marlene walks out of the shadows, holding her bloody side.]

Joel: There you go, [leans toward Tess.] Queen Firefly.

Marlene: Why are you here?

Tess: Business. [Notices Marlene's wound.] You aren't looking so hot.

Marlene: [Looks at wound then looks around.] Where's Robert?

[Tess walks to the side to reveal his bloody corpse by her feet.]

Marlene: [Chuckles in disbelief.] I needed him alive.

Tess: The guns he gave you? They weren't his to sell, and I want them back.

Marlene: Doesn't work like that, Tess.

Tess: The hell it doesn't.

Marlene: [Walks closer to Tess.] I paid for those guns. You want 'em back? You're gonna have to earn 'em.

Tess: [Turns to look at Joel and back at Marlene.] How many cards are we talkin' about?

Marlene: [Scoffs.] I don't give a damn about ration cards. [Pauses.] I need something smuggled out of the city. You do that - I'll give you your guns back and then some

Joel: How do we know you got 'em? [Inches closer to Marlene.] Way I hear it, the military's been wiping you guys out.

Marlene: [Nods.] You're right about that. I'll show you the weapons.

Male voice 1: Search the area!

Male voice 2: Yes, sir!

Marlene: I gotta move! What's it gonna be? [Eases back.]

Tess: [To Joel.] I wanna see those guns. [Follows Marlene.]

Marlene: Follow me!

[End cutscene.]

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