Hands behind your head. Don't do anything stupid.
— Ramirez ordering Joel, Ellie, and Tess

Ramirez is a minor character and antagonist who appears in The Last of Us. She is a member of the military in the Boston Quarantine Zone. Partnered with another soldier on patrol, the two confronted Joel, Tess and Ellie after spotting the trio trying to leave the city. She is voiced by Laura Bailey.

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Events of The Last of Us Edit

Ramirez was on patrol with another soldier when she encountered Joel, Tess and Ellie illegally making their way out of the Quarantine Zone. She and the other soldier surprised and subdued the trio, Ramirez knocking Joel to the floor with the butt of her rifle, while her partner forced the other two to get onto their knees and place their hands on their heads.

She ordered her partner to scan the three for possible infection while she radioed in for a pickup crew to take the smugglers back in to the zone. Her partner questioned how long they would have to wait, Ramirez saying that retrieval was expected to arrive in a few minutes.

As the other soldier scanned the captured group, Tess attempted to bribe him, but he just told her to shut up, Ramirez looking on. When Ellie was scanned, she stabbed the man in the leg then tackled by Joel before he could shoot Ellie with his pistol. Seeing her partner struggling, Ramirez began to aim her gun at Joel, but was suddenly shot dead by Tess, the women having seized the moment of opportunity. Her partner was subsequently disarmed by Joel and is killed.

The trio proceed to flee by jumping into the trenches after killing the two soldiers, leaving Ramirez and her partner's corpse behind. Shortly afterwards, the extraction crew that Ramirez called for arrived, finding the the pair dead and the prisoners nowhere to be seen. They immediately radioed in the casualties, and soon numerous Humvees and ground troops poured into the area to search for Joel, Tess and Ellie.

It is unknown what became of Ramirez's corpse.


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