The Revolver is a weapon in The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II, belonging to the pistol group.

The Revolver appears to be Joel's personal weapon of choice, as he uses it in most promotional screenshots and videos.

The Last of Us


First seen being used by Joel in the prologue to kill Jimmy Cooper, having stored it in a drawer in his house, he gives it to Tommy after Sarah is injured, so that he could carry her.

The revolver is first collected by Joel twenty years later during the escape from Boston, taken off a dead soldier outside the quarantine zone. The weapon is also used during a few rare sequences where Joel has unlimited ammo, such as when caught in a snare trap in Bill's Town.

During the Winter chapter, Ellie takes a revolver from one of the cannibals she kills during her escape from David, but she loses it when David ambushes her near the end of the chapter.

On Grounded difficulty, the revolver is usually a one hit kill on humans without armor.

Workbench upgrades

The following is a list of upgrades available for the revolver at workbenches, and the parts and level of tools required to upgrade each.

Upgrade Description Level
Parts icon
Tool icon
Reload Speed Allows you to reload the weapon faster.
Fire Rate Allows you to fire the weapon faster.

Factions MP

In Factions MP, the revolver is available at the start. It does not require a loadout point to use. The player starts out with 7 rounds and it costs 180 Parts to purchase 4 more rounds. It deals almost 35 damage to the body and 70 damage with headshots, meaning that it downs targets in three hits, or two if one hit is a headshot; it requires two shots to execute a downed opponent. This makes it more powerful per shot than the 9mm Pistol; however, it has a lower fire rate, fewer shots before reloading, and heavier recoil. In addition, the revolver cannot be silenced. The revolver's higher damage makes it more useful at long ranges than the other pistols, where enemies are more likely to be able to find cover after being hit.

The revolver reloads considerably faster than its un-upgraded singleplayer version. However, it is still one of the only weapons to reload per cartridge, rather than topping off in one motion. This makes the revolver one of the slowest weapons to fully reload when empty, however the action can be canceled halfway by aiming down the sights.

The Revolver's damage is identical to that of the Semi-Auto Rifle, making it an appropriate sidearm for the semi-auto, as finishing off enemies is made easier if one runs out of ammo for one of the two weapons. Combining the damage of a Hunting Rifle or Frontier Rifle body shot and a shot from the Revolver downs an enemy, making the revolver a particularly useful sidearm with these long guns. Shooting a target once with a revolver and once with a crossbow results in the target bleeding out very quickly, virtually guaranteeing the parts granted from a bleed-out. The Revolver also pairs well with the Burst Rifle because of the Burst Rifle's range limitation and close range firepower is countered by the Revolver's versatility. The Revolver can also be used to quickly down an opponent at close range when combined with the machete but this is now harder to achieve as the machete was patched, becoming weaker per slash.

Upgrades for the gun initially costs 300 parts then increases to 500 for the second upgrade. When upgraded, the reload speed, rate of fire, starting ammo, and accuracy is increased, as well as reducing recoil. Many players could even use this as their only gun, as the cheap ammunition and effective upgrades make it an efficient killer. One could use it as their only weapon as this enables one to have points for armor most of the game so their never weak when facing enemies; it also makes upgrading much quicker to accomplish.

Headshotting an enemy with the revolver on an enemy with less than 50% health can cause enough "Overkill Damage" to instantly execute an enemy.


Revolver's Damage Output

Damage Output

The Last of Us Part II

The Revolver returns in The Last of Us Part II, as Joel wields one in the PSX 2016 reveal trailer, maintaining it as his weapon of choice.[1]. New character Emily wields a different model of revolver in the PGW 2017 trailer.[2]

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  • The revolver is modeled after a Taurus Model 66 .357 Magnum revolver with a three-inch barrel and six-round cylinder.
  • The trigger appears to be cocked, even though the hammer is uncocked.
  • The revolver has a longer barrel in trailers and promotional artwork, but this variant is never seen in-game.
    • The trigger guard also appears to differ, with the promotional artwork showing a slightly more angular design more closely resembling its real life counterpart.
  • The revolver picked up by Joel in the remains of downtown Boston appears to be the same model of revolver the used to shoot Jimmy, his infected next door neighbor, after he broke into Joel's home on he first night of the outbreak.
  • The Revolver starts out with 6 shots and cannot be upgraded to a bigger cylinder capacity in Single-player, yet in Multiplayer, the Revolver can be upgraded with a bigger cylinder capacity and starts out with six shots every match.
  • When reloading, each round is modelled and animated being loaded into the gun. 




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