Safes contain supplies from which other survivors put their items inside. They have a dial on their door, meaning the combination must be needed to open it. To find the combination, a certain artifact needs to be found.


Safes can hold ammo, crafting supplies, Parts, and even Training Manuals. To open one, the player will need to find a certain artifact. The code will be written on the artifact, but the player doesn't need to enter the combination. If approached without the artifact, the words NEED COMBINATION written in red will be shown in the bottom left screen.


Here are the locations of all of the safes:

  • The Outskirts: In the subway, in a bookstore.
  • Bill's Town: Located near a truck.
  • Pittsburgh: When you first enter the hotel, look behind the counter.
  • The Suburbs: At the house at the end of the street, on the second floor, in the bedroom.

Here are the artifacts needed to open them, as well as their combinations:


Here is a list of items that a safe may contain. Not all safes will have the same supplies. The Difficulty can also change how much items are in the safe, although only crafting supplies and ammunition for guns disappear completely. The player can find: