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Santa Barbara is a location in The Last of Us Part II during the final chapter of the same name.[1]


Santa Barbara is home to the Rattlers, a heavily armed group of hostile survivors who have set up a base in an oceanside resort. They control the area, forcing others to either join their group for protection or be enslaved on their plantations.[2][3] They have traps set up across the city to catch infected and humans alike, with the former chained up and used as guard dogs while the latter are forced into slavery. Those who resist too much are sent to "the pillars", wooden beams set out on the beach where they are strung up and left to die from exposure to the elements.[1] Given the fate that awaits those captured, residents in Santa Barbara have committed suicide to avoid capture and enslavement under them.[4] Others have plotted to attack the Rattlers and seek vengeance against them for the terror they brought upon Santa Barbara.[5]

Events of The Last of Us Part II

For a time after they began regrouping, the Fireflies inhabited 2425 Constance to serve as an outpost to recruit returning or new members. Following the disastrous events of Seattle, Abby and Lev followed up on the leads and headed to Santa Barbara in search of them. They eventually came across an old barracks in the basement of a house in the suburbs, 2425 Constance. They found a list of radio frequencies and eventually made contact with a man over the radio, who questioned Abby to make sure that she was indeed a former Firefly, and revealed to her that the Fireflies are at their base on Catalina Island, growing in number, having gathered roughly two hundred former members. He asked them for their location and said that they would find them. However, as the duo left the house, they were assaulted and captured by the Rattlers and brought to their base as slaves.

Searching for Abby, Ellie came to Santa Barbara and was captured by the large Rattler and small Rattler. She managed to break free and interrogated the former to learn Abby's whereabouts after a clicker killed the small Rattler. After learning what she needed, she executed the man. Later, she infiltrated the resort complex and freed the prisoners within, with the lead prisoner starting a skirmish in the area that saw many die.

Ellie then went to the pillars at the beach to free Abby and Lev to fight the former to the death. However, upon nearly drowning Abby, Ellie remembered her promise to Joel to forgive those who wronged her, leading her to let Abby live and flee Santa Barbara on a boat.[1]